Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cody's Halloween party

Today was Cody's preschool Halloween party. Whew! Nothing like 18 three year olds running around like a mice in a python cage. They were wild to put it mildly! The two preschool teachers are wonderful and kept them busy with food, games, singing, and batting at a pinata.
Check out Cody with his deadly weapon, the poor ghost didn't have a chance!
The kids had lots of fun helping Daddy carve the pumpkins for Halloween. I'll get a cool pic of them all a glow on Halloween.
Caleb went to a Halloween party at Hwang's Martial Arts on Saturday and had lots of fun. They had face painting, games, food, and made balloon animals/swords. Cody was upset that he couldn't go, so we let him wear his Spider Man costume while he went shopping with us. Of course he loved all the attention he got in Toys R Us and K-mart as Spider Man. We picked up some clearance Halloween decor for home and the Trunk or Treat at church. Trunk or Treat is where you decorate the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle in a spooktacular festive way, then hand out treats to all the little witches, goblins, princesses, and superheroes that come your way. It was lots of fun and I even dressed up a little. I had a frightful black and white long haired wig that the little girls thought was fabulous. We got off easy with costumes this year. Caleb wanted to be a Ninja Turtle again (that is what he was last year) and Cody wanted to be Spiderman, which was Caleb's costume from a couple of years ago. They are geared up for Trick or Treating. I just hope it goes better than last years whine fest. Unfortunately I'm not speaking of a delicious grape variety. I mean Peterson and Petitt boys whining all the way down the road and back about who was going to ring the doorbell first and "my feet hurt", "I'm tired", "hold my pumpkin it is getting too heavy". Nonetheless, we are looking forward to the annual Peterson/Petitt Halloween event. The women folk parade up and down the road with the troop of boys, as the men folk sit on the front porch drinking beer and handing out candy. No wonder they like Halloween so much!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Caleb's Yellow Belt Graduation

Saturday Caleb graduated from white belt to yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. Grandmama Ford came up to watch him. He had to perform some techniques that they had practiced and that he had been checked off on. Some things were individual, others were as a group, and some demonstrated teamwork. We were so proud of him! He did an awesome job!

As a surprise the instructor brought out boards for them to try to break and he broke a board with his foot and his hand, which he had never done before! Check out the pictures and video. To celebrate we asked Caleb to pick where we went to eat for lunch. He wanted Olive Garden because he loves their spagetti and breadsticks. Mmm! Mmm, good!


Puppy training is going pretty well. Max knows sit, stay, and come. He no longer cries and whines at night. He wakes up once or twice at night to go out to potty and whines for us to let him out of his crate to go outside. Still working on potty training while he is running around the house playing with the boys. He doesn't know to go to the door or us to let him out. He is a very sweet good natured dog. But does have a lot of energetic puppy in him and likes to nip and chew on fingers, toys, or anything around when he is in a hyper mood. Been calls him "scissor jaws" because he just wants to puppy bite and chew on something all the time. The boys are wonderful about taking him out to potty frequently, they also feed him, take him for walks, and have lots and lots of playtime.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Battle of the Bermuda Grass vs the Petersons

We have spent the past week landscaping a trouble area in front of our house. For the past 7 years we have put rock, mulch, and sprayed tons of Round Up on this area, but the Bermuda grass always wins out mid summer and we finally give up the fight. While the boys were gone to Memaw and Pepaw's this past week, we decided to fight back hard and strong once more. To prepare the bed, we dug up about a foot of mulch and rock. We decided to start from scratch and dig up every single bush in the whole area. Much to our surprise there was no black plastic or weed barrier under the miles of rock, no wonder we had such trouble. There had been in other landscaped areas of our yard. So we tilled and dug, then finally put a weed barrier down. Today we spent the day planting all of our new bushes and plants. Then mulching with cedar mulch on top of that. I think we will do much better next year with the weed/grass control.

We also planted a new tree behind our garden where the tree we planted in the spring got a double whammy with the late frost and summer drought. We finally found a Serviceberry tree to plant there. We have been looking for one of those for years because they are a KY native tree that birds love. Where our beautiful pine bit the dust this summer, we planted a gorgeous rhodedendron.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Adventures of Poo

I'm not talking about the cute cuddly teddy bear with his side kick Piglet, when I say adventures of poo. I mean poo as in doggy poo. We have been on poo patrol for the past week with the new puppy. We just finished potty training Cody not too long ago. So I feel like that is my obsession all day long for months now. Worrying about someone elses bowel and bladder control. First with Cody, "Do you need to go potty?" "NO" Then 15 minutes later he is standing there in wet shorts. About 30 min after getting him cleaned up with fresh clothes, "Do you need to go potty? Let's go try" "NO" 15 min later, I see him grunting and trying to poop. So we rush to the bathroom in hopes of making it in time. That has been my life since this past spring. Then what do we go and do...buy a puppy who is only 8 weeks old and not potty trained. So I am back on potty patrol. "Do you need to go potty?" Max looks at me and cocks his head. Then goes and squats on the floor when I turn my back. Actually it is going really well. No accidents for about 3 days. But we have been consistently taking him out about every hour or two. Especially if he has just eaten or has woken up from a nap. He doesn't know how to tell us he needs to go out yet. But hopefully he will figure that out soon also. We keep him in a crate at night and when we aren't home. He is doing well with not going potty in there either. How do you make a puppy hurry up and do his business when you are outside at 5am in 42 degree weather? "Go potty Max" "Hurry up" "Come on Max, I know you have to poop!" "Quit chewing on that stick and do your business!" "Stop chasing leaves and go potty now!" So if you are at our house in the next few weeks, I want to apologize up front if I ask you "Do you need to go potty?"

Monday, October 8, 2007

New member of our family

For those of you who do not know yet, we have a new member of our family of the four-legged species. Our dog of 8 1/2 years, Jada, had to be put to sleep last week. She had arthritis in her legs and some days would hobble around on just three legs. This made her become a little grouchy to the boys who wanted her to still run around and play for hours like she used to. She began to show her grouchiness by growling or nipping at the boys when she was tired or had enough. Then she bit Cody on the face, thankfully it only left red marks and a scratch. But we decided we couldn't chance worse. Besides the boys to worry about, they have playmates over quite often. It was a very sad day and Caleb was really upset.

Coincidentally, we had decided to get a new puppy a few weeks before this incident occurred. Caleb and I had gone to look at the puppies and Caleb had picked out and named a little male. Note the one poking his nose out of the kennel. Max is his name.

They are Brittany spaniels and are supposed to be excellent with children, as well as great hunting dogs. Ben has been wanting to hunt more and was itching to get a new dog to train. So a few days after the incident with Jada, we went and picked up our pup. He is 8 weeks old and is of outstanding breeding pedigree for hunting and as a family dog. The boys think he is great fun.

Can't believe how small he is! We are on day 3 of sleepless nights of Max squealing, howling, and whimpering. Will post progress on training.

Trying out the Blog Arena

OK, here we go trying out this blogging thing! Everyone says it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially if you have family far away. Going to see if we can keep this updated better than the website. It is a pain in the rear to keep that website up and going because half the time you work for an hour on it, then it won't publish.
We have been busy, busy, busy since school started. Caleb started Kindergarten and absolutely loves it! Of course we all knew he would since he is a little Einstein.

He began a Martial Arts After School program 5 days a week. They pick him up from his school and take him to their facility where he has homework time, a 40 min Tae Kwon Do class, then snack time and playing games till parents pick up. He takes the class with his buddy, Quinn. They are both already graduating to yellow belt on October 20th!

Cody began 3 year old pre-school and really likes having his own special class. He had a hard time with Caleb leaving the Child Development Center and starting Kindergarten. He loves playing outside, riding his bike, and playing ball.

He is a very mischievious, energetic little boy. Keeps us very busy!

At this very moment, my 2 little hoolagins are spending Fall Break with Memaw and Pepaw (Ben's parents). So in my spare time, I thought I'd tackle blogging-got my inspiration from you Amy H.!