Friday, October 12, 2007

Adventures of Poo

I'm not talking about the cute cuddly teddy bear with his side kick Piglet, when I say adventures of poo. I mean poo as in doggy poo. We have been on poo patrol for the past week with the new puppy. We just finished potty training Cody not too long ago. So I feel like that is my obsession all day long for months now. Worrying about someone elses bowel and bladder control. First with Cody, "Do you need to go potty?" "NO" Then 15 minutes later he is standing there in wet shorts. About 30 min after getting him cleaned up with fresh clothes, "Do you need to go potty? Let's go try" "NO" 15 min later, I see him grunting and trying to poop. So we rush to the bathroom in hopes of making it in time. That has been my life since this past spring. Then what do we go and a puppy who is only 8 weeks old and not potty trained. So I am back on potty patrol. "Do you need to go potty?" Max looks at me and cocks his head. Then goes and squats on the floor when I turn my back. Actually it is going really well. No accidents for about 3 days. But we have been consistently taking him out about every hour or two. Especially if he has just eaten or has woken up from a nap. He doesn't know how to tell us he needs to go out yet. But hopefully he will figure that out soon also. We keep him in a crate at night and when we aren't home. He is doing well with not going potty in there either. How do you make a puppy hurry up and do his business when you are outside at 5am in 42 degree weather? "Go potty Max" "Hurry up" "Come on Max, I know you have to poop!" "Quit chewing on that stick and do your business!" "Stop chasing leaves and go potty now!" So if you are at our house in the next few weeks, I want to apologize up front if I ask you "Do you need to go potty?"


Kev said...

Papaw asked me what a blog was when he saw this. He tried to comment, but I think he thought it was another type of email format. Sounds like you are having fun.

The Hadfields said...

How funny! I didn't know you had gotten a dog! He looks very cute and I'm sure your boys LOVE him!!