Sunday, October 14, 2007

Battle of the Bermuda Grass vs the Petersons

We have spent the past week landscaping a trouble area in front of our house. For the past 7 years we have put rock, mulch, and sprayed tons of Round Up on this area, but the Bermuda grass always wins out mid summer and we finally give up the fight. While the boys were gone to Memaw and Pepaw's this past week, we decided to fight back hard and strong once more. To prepare the bed, we dug up about a foot of mulch and rock. We decided to start from scratch and dig up every single bush in the whole area. Much to our surprise there was no black plastic or weed barrier under the miles of rock, no wonder we had such trouble. There had been in other landscaped areas of our yard. So we tilled and dug, then finally put a weed barrier down. Today we spent the day planting all of our new bushes and plants. Then mulching with cedar mulch on top of that. I think we will do much better next year with the weed/grass control.

We also planted a new tree behind our garden where the tree we planted in the spring got a double whammy with the late frost and summer drought. We finally found a Serviceberry tree to plant there. We have been looking for one of those for years because they are a KY native tree that birds love. Where our beautiful pine bit the dust this summer, we planted a gorgeous rhodedendron.


Kev said...

ooh! looks good! Can't wait to see in person! Miss you guys! we had so much fun up in Louisville! cya

The Hadfields said...

Looks good! Paul and I are excited about maintaining the landscaping in our new yard. We gave up on ours a long time ago, knowing we would be moving soon!!

Burrell Howard said...

Hi, I think I figured this out!