Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cody's Halloween party

Today was Cody's preschool Halloween party. Whew! Nothing like 18 three year olds running around like a mice in a python cage. They were wild to put it mildly! The two preschool teachers are wonderful and kept them busy with food, games, singing, and batting at a pinata.
Check out Cody with his deadly weapon, the poor ghost didn't have a chance!
The kids had lots of fun helping Daddy carve the pumpkins for Halloween. I'll get a cool pic of them all a glow on Halloween.
Caleb went to a Halloween party at Hwang's Martial Arts on Saturday and had lots of fun. They had face painting, games, food, and made balloon animals/swords. Cody was upset that he couldn't go, so we let him wear his Spider Man costume while he went shopping with us. Of course he loved all the attention he got in Toys R Us and K-mart as Spider Man. We picked up some clearance Halloween decor for home and the Trunk or Treat at church. Trunk or Treat is where you decorate the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle in a spooktacular festive way, then hand out treats to all the little witches, goblins, princesses, and superheroes that come your way. It was lots of fun and I even dressed up a little. I had a frightful black and white long haired wig that the little girls thought was fabulous. We got off easy with costumes this year. Caleb wanted to be a Ninja Turtle again (that is what he was last year) and Cody wanted to be Spiderman, which was Caleb's costume from a couple of years ago. They are geared up for Trick or Treating. I just hope it goes better than last years whine fest. Unfortunately I'm not speaking of a delicious grape variety. I mean Peterson and Petitt boys whining all the way down the road and back about who was going to ring the doorbell first and "my feet hurt", "I'm tired", "hold my pumpkin it is getting too heavy". Nonetheless, we are looking forward to the annual Peterson/Petitt Halloween event. The women folk parade up and down the road with the troop of boys, as the men folk sit on the front porch drinking beer and handing out candy. No wonder they like Halloween so much!


Kev said...

I miss those boys!!! When can I see them again? You'll have to call me and tell me about their Halloween night!

Mom said...

What fun Halloween is. Those boys are so cute. You should be an author Miranda. You write as well as your Grandmother.
Let me know how tonight goes.

The Hadfields said...

What a fun party!! I can't wait to see pics from tonight!! Have fun trick or treating!!