Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Bird

Take a look at this fine bird that we had for Thankgiving this year! Yum, yum. We went to Henderson for the Ford family Thanksgiving. Mama's little helper, Cody, had to join in the feast preparation. Here is a picture of him helping roll out the dough for the rolls. The boys had a blast playing with their cousin Paige and Shaun came for a little while too. We had a wonderful feast and were definitely not lacking in the dessert arena. We all had to have a sampler platter of the desserts. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pie, and Kevin's ice box pumpkin pie that was made with vanilla ice cream...Mmm, mmm! Michelle made cupcakes for the kiddos, which was excellent because they didn't want anything to do with the pies.
It was extremely cold, but that didn't keep the boys inside. They bundled up and played outdoors anyways.
We brought Max and he was a very good pup the whole weekend. He stayed outside on his lead most of the time or in his kennel in the house. He never barked and didn't have any accidents while he was in the house.

Ben got up early Friday morning and hit some great bargains in Henderson at Lowe's and K-mart. The rest of us slept in, we were still in a turkey coma, I think. On Friday afternoon, we headed to Bowling Green to visit with Ben's parents. The boys were so wound up from the whole weekend that Memaw and Pepaw swore we'd fed them crack or a ton of sweets. But they hadn't had much sugar because they don't like pie. Caleb and Cody fixed that though when we went to Target. They ended up conning Memaw into getting candy canes, twizzlers, and gummy candy for them. That's what's great about grandparents...being spoiled.
Looking forward to the coming holiday ahead. We have already gotten a lot of our Christmas shopping out of the way. We were going to pull the Christmas stuff out of the attic today, but time got away from us. It usually is an all day affair, but we will get to it later this week instead.
Almost forgot to write about Caleb's Indian fest at school last week. For the past few weeks the Kindergarten classes have been learning about Indians and making Indian projects. Caleb's Indian name was Green Turtle. He is displaying his shield, dreamcatcher, bear claw necklace, drum, totem pole, and other cool things he made. The parents were invited for a feast at lunchtime on Tuesday and we got to eat with Caleb in his room. He was so excited that Ben and I both got to come.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why is that deer dead?

Well the boys have witnessed the results of Daddy going hunting. Bloody carcass, skin peeling, cutting and chopping...this is not for the weak at heart. This morning Ben came home with an 8-point buck that he shot on our friend's property. He had it in the back of the truck (had already gutted it in the woods). Caleb, Cody, and Quinn all ran outside to see it. "Cool, look at his tongue hanging out!">Caleb "Yuck he's all bloody">Quinn "Why is that deer dead?">Cody

Ben then pulled it around back with his 4-wheeler and hung it from a tree to skin and do the slicing and dicing. Caleb and Quinn thought it was cool. They stayed outside and watched the whole time. After firing laser tag guns at it and killing it one more time.

Cody on the other hand, did not like it one bit. I think he is going to take after another nature lover in our family. He wanted to go back in the house as soon as he saw the deer go up in the tree. "Why did Daddy kill the deer?" "Why is Daddy going to chop that deer?" "I don't want to eat that deer." He sat and vegged to a movie on the couch, as the big boys watched the deer turn into hunks of meat in a cooler, while they played laser tag. Cody finally came out later, avoiding the dead zone. We raked up leaves into a huge pile and the boys took turns jumping in.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Adventures of a Tooth

We have been keeping Caleb's buddy Quinn all week. His parents went on a business trip to Florida. Since Caleb and Quinn go to the same school and Martial Arts together, I offered to keep him while they were away. Quinn came Tuesday night with an extremely loose tooth that his parents had been trying to get him to lose for a week, so they wouldn't miss out. (This is his first loose tooth). So of course he lost it the next day. He actually lost it at school and they put it in a special tooth holder necklace so he wouldn't lose it.

He was so proud that he didn't lose it all day. We told him that the Toothfairy will come to see him on Sunday night (when his parents will be home) because she doesn't know where he is right now. He was cool with that. So we put the tooth up on the counter away from little children or puppies.

The next morning, we were busily getting 3 boys ready for school. They were eating breakfast and Caleb exclaimed "I think Max has Quinn's tooth holder!" Sure enough, there was Max under the table with Quinn's tooth container in his mouth!

I was horrified! I grabbed the tooth holder from him...of course it was open already...and the tooth was gone! We searched all around the kitchen floor, inspecting every little crumb and speck. Nope, it was gone. Eaten by the tooth bandit! Ben kiddingly suggested that I search his poop for the rest of the day. I did not find that a bit funny!

I just knew that Quinn would be upset and I looked over at him to see his reaction. He was laughing saying, "that silly Max ate my tooth!" We told him that the Toothfairy would still come to his house on Sunday and he was totally fine with it. Thank goodness! I called Kelly, Quinn's mom, and apologized for losing his first baby tooth to the jaws of a ferocious puppy.

We are all sure that Max had a partner in crime for his badness. How else could a 12 week old puppy get that tooth holder from the counter?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day

Today was such a nice fall day. The leaves are gorgeous and crunch under our feet. The boys played outside with Max for most of the afternoon. Caleb is finally getting the hang of riding a bike without training wheels. We borrowed Quinn's old bike because it is shorter and Caleb felt better about falling off. With his bike he is tip-toe when he puts his feet down, so he doesn't have time to catch himself when he is falling over. He is doing much better. Still a little shaky with take-off, but once he gets going he goes by himself until time to turn or going around a tree, then he falls over. He prefers riding in the grass.

Cody decided to check out the falling leaves closer up, so I helped him scamper up a tree in the yard. He is such a little monkey! He just wanted to sit there and hang out for awhile.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ninja Turtles and Spidermen Everywhere!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. I went to Caleb's Kindergarten Halloween party. Oh, excuse me...Fall Party. You can't call it Halloween in public schools anymore and kids can't dress up as witches, ghosts, goblins, or other satanic creatures. The overboard religious idiots threw a fit because their precious innocent angels were being exposed to scary hobgoblins and satan worship. So we now have Fall Parties, and after Kindergarten children can only dress up as storybook figures (in a theme together as a class). Anyway, the Kindergarteners had fun. Caleb's room mother provided a class picture from their field trip to the pumpkin patch and the kids got to decorate the frame. Then they got to decorate their own cookies with icing and sprinkles.

Halloween night we had the Petitt's over for dinner and Trick or Treating. The boys had a blast. They did really well this year. The big boys (Caleb and Adam) were dressed as Ninja Turtles and the little boys (Cody and Andrew) were Spiderman. This was not planned, but ended up being really cute! Notice the cool Skeleton Pirate Jack'O'Lantern on the porch. Of course they all came home with a ton of candy. After the trek down the street and back, the adults sat on the front porch talking and passing out candy to Trick or Treaters. The boys played and romped in the house, way outnumbering and torchering poor Max. When we went in, I found a blue mouthed Caleb vegged out on the couch watching a Garfield Halloween Special with a giant mound of empty candy wrappers between his legs. The other three were racing around the house on candy highs. I think Max sneaked a tootsie roll or two from a kid's pumpkin, because I found chewed up evidence on the floor too.