Saturday, November 10, 2007

Adventures of a Tooth

We have been keeping Caleb's buddy Quinn all week. His parents went on a business trip to Florida. Since Caleb and Quinn go to the same school and Martial Arts together, I offered to keep him while they were away. Quinn came Tuesday night with an extremely loose tooth that his parents had been trying to get him to lose for a week, so they wouldn't miss out. (This is his first loose tooth). So of course he lost it the next day. He actually lost it at school and they put it in a special tooth holder necklace so he wouldn't lose it.

He was so proud that he didn't lose it all day. We told him that the Toothfairy will come to see him on Sunday night (when his parents will be home) because she doesn't know where he is right now. He was cool with that. So we put the tooth up on the counter away from little children or puppies.

The next morning, we were busily getting 3 boys ready for school. They were eating breakfast and Caleb exclaimed "I think Max has Quinn's tooth holder!" Sure enough, there was Max under the table with Quinn's tooth container in his mouth!

I was horrified! I grabbed the tooth holder from him...of course it was open already...and the tooth was gone! We searched all around the kitchen floor, inspecting every little crumb and speck. Nope, it was gone. Eaten by the tooth bandit! Ben kiddingly suggested that I search his poop for the rest of the day. I did not find that a bit funny!

I just knew that Quinn would be upset and I looked over at him to see his reaction. He was laughing saying, "that silly Max ate my tooth!" We told him that the Toothfairy would still come to his house on Sunday and he was totally fine with it. Thank goodness! I called Kelly, Quinn's mom, and apologized for losing his first baby tooth to the jaws of a ferocious puppy.

We are all sure that Max had a partner in crime for his badness. How else could a 12 week old puppy get that tooth holder from the counter?


Kev said...

Miranda, you are so funny! I love the recap and pics! It's the Peterson sitcom! Like Seinfeld only not quite as exciting on each episode. hahaaha

Love ya! Call me sometime, silly!

The Hadfields said...

That is hysterical! Never a dull moment around your house, huh?!?

Mom said...

What a pair of tooth bandits! Jasmine looks so sly... like she knows where it is but is not telling...