Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day

Today was such a nice fall day. The leaves are gorgeous and crunch under our feet. The boys played outside with Max for most of the afternoon. Caleb is finally getting the hang of riding a bike without training wheels. We borrowed Quinn's old bike because it is shorter and Caleb felt better about falling off. With his bike he is tip-toe when he puts his feet down, so he doesn't have time to catch himself when he is falling over. He is doing much better. Still a little shaky with take-off, but once he gets going he goes by himself until time to turn or going around a tree, then he falls over. He prefers riding in the grass.

Cody decided to check out the falling leaves closer up, so I helped him scamper up a tree in the yard. He is such a little monkey! He just wanted to sit there and hang out for awhile.


Mom said...

Love the pics of the boys. It was such a good day to play outdoors. Way to go Caleb & Cody! Mastering new challenges each day.

Kev said...

I miss 'em!