Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Bird

Take a look at this fine bird that we had for Thankgiving this year! Yum, yum. We went to Henderson for the Ford family Thanksgiving. Mama's little helper, Cody, had to join in the feast preparation. Here is a picture of him helping roll out the dough for the rolls. The boys had a blast playing with their cousin Paige and Shaun came for a little while too. We had a wonderful feast and were definitely not lacking in the dessert arena. We all had to have a sampler platter of the desserts. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pie, and Kevin's ice box pumpkin pie that was made with vanilla ice cream...Mmm, mmm! Michelle made cupcakes for the kiddos, which was excellent because they didn't want anything to do with the pies.
It was extremely cold, but that didn't keep the boys inside. They bundled up and played outdoors anyways.
We brought Max and he was a very good pup the whole weekend. He stayed outside on his lead most of the time or in his kennel in the house. He never barked and didn't have any accidents while he was in the house.

Ben got up early Friday morning and hit some great bargains in Henderson at Lowe's and K-mart. The rest of us slept in, we were still in a turkey coma, I think. On Friday afternoon, we headed to Bowling Green to visit with Ben's parents. The boys were so wound up from the whole weekend that Memaw and Pepaw swore we'd fed them crack or a ton of sweets. But they hadn't had much sugar because they don't like pie. Caleb and Cody fixed that though when we went to Target. They ended up conning Memaw into getting candy canes, twizzlers, and gummy candy for them. That's what's great about grandparents...being spoiled.
Looking forward to the coming holiday ahead. We have already gotten a lot of our Christmas shopping out of the way. We were going to pull the Christmas stuff out of the attic today, but time got away from us. It usually is an all day affair, but we will get to it later this week instead.
Almost forgot to write about Caleb's Indian fest at school last week. For the past few weeks the Kindergarten classes have been learning about Indians and making Indian projects. Caleb's Indian name was Green Turtle. He is displaying his shield, dreamcatcher, bear claw necklace, drum, totem pole, and other cool things he made. The parents were invited for a feast at lunchtime on Tuesday and we got to eat with Caleb in his room. He was so excited that Ben and I both got to come.


The Hadfields said...

Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mom said...

Love the photos! Glad you all were able to come. We had a great time.
Tell Caleb his Indian projects look wonderful. I'll bet he had fun making them.

Kev said...

Had a fun time this weekend too! Can't wait for Christmas!