Friday, December 7, 2007

Camp out

Cody loves to wrestle with Max, well he loves to wrestle and rough-house with anyone, but Max doesn't tattle-tell or cry as much as others. Max likes to sneak up to the boys room and steal Cody's kitties. Cody has slept with 2 orange kitty stuffed animals (Tigger and Meow), since he was a baby. In the picture, Max has snatched Tigger off the bed and Cody is trying to wrestle him away. Mama finally had to intervene and toss the kitties on the top bunk away from roving teeth.

Caleb and Cody had their pal Adam over for the night tonight. Caleb and Adam love video games and played Diddy Kong Racing (a race car game with Donkey Kong) and Super Mario Brothers. I never heard a peep out of them until I told them to get off the games and come downstairs to get ready for bed. I even had a chance to finish my last assignment for the semester in my nursing class and check e-mail.

They play together so well. Caleb and Adam have known each other all their lives, since they were little tadpoles in their mama's pregnant bellies. Christy and I worked in LDR our whole pregnancy and watched our due dates come and go. While we helped other pregnant women due after us deliver...that's just not fair! They ended up in daycare together and have been best buds. Once Andrew and Cody came along, they just fit right in. They all take care of each other and help each other out. Tonight they were poking around and playing at the table instead of eating. I told them whoever cleaned their plate first would get a cookie. I wondered who would take me up on that and start scarfing down their food. Caleb said, "that's not fair!" (Probably because he knew he would be last as always or that he wouldn't finish his food as usual). Adam said, "what about the 2nd and 3rd place person? They should get a cookie too." I agreed that if everyone cleaned their plate, they could have one. Cody said, "Awww, I don't want to clean my plate!" Caleb leaned over to Cody and said, "Don't worry, as long as you do the best that you can and eat most of it, she'll give you a cookie."

On weekends, the boys love to sleep in a special place (tent in their room, on the air mattress, or on the pull out couch bed), like a camp out. Since Adam was spending the night, they wanted to sleep in a special place. They picked sleeping on the couch bed, because then they can watch a movie. I put in a Christmas movie and came upstairs to blog. I still hear them giggling and talking. Sounds like it's going to be a long night!


Mom said...

What a nice evening...the boys have so much fun together. Enjoy keeping up with stories and photos on your blog.

The Hadfields said...

So sweet!! I'm so glad your boys have each other!!

Kev said...

Tell the boys I'll be over for Christmas and we'll have a good time!