Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas!

Party, party, busy, busy! It's Christmas time and we have been busier than ever. This past Sunday we had a Christmas party with our Chiropractic Pals-the Atnips, Kahres, Shanks, and Teresa. Mark, Travis, and Calvin are the 3 docs at Mark's office. They are all married and our age with kids under five years old. Teresa is the office manager who keeps everyone in line and keeps things running smoothly. She has two older daughters and a son in elementary school. Sometimes we get together on weekends for a game night or just to hang out. The kids all play together and the adults hang out and chat. Sunday we had our usual fruit and veggie spread with nachos and dips. Ben and I also made some festive desserts. We made candycane cookies with peppermint in them and an experimental Candycane Cake that was a vanilla cake with some crushed candycane in the batter and in the icing. It turned out to be a big hit. Yum, yum! We had a present swap with adults and kids. Then we played Uno Spin that was a different kind of Uno game. Lots of fun! Sorry forgot the camera!

Tuesday was Caleb's Christmas Program. I have been asking him to tell me about what the upcoming Christmas Program entailed. Was it a play or singing? He would always just shrug. A couple of days before it, I asked again and he said, "We just sing some songs." Again, no further insight. The morning of the program, I asked his teacher about it and she said they have been practicing for a couple of weeks every day and go over and practice on the stage. I walked into the auditorium for the program and sit down next to Kelly Atnip who is looking at the program. She says, "Did you know that Caleb and Quinn have a solo?" Sure enough there were their names on the program! Out of probably 100 Kindergarteners, 30 of them had a solo part and our boys were one of them. I felt better that Kelly was clueless about this also. The solos consisted of the "soloists" standing in front of a microphone singing while the rest of the Kindergarteners sang behind them. It was really cute, they were all very animated! I got a few cute pictures, I wish I had thought to do video also!

Here is Quinn in red singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
Caleb is getting into "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"!

At the end, Santa showed up and surprised all of the kids! This is also when Caleb finally saw me there.

Cody had his Preschool Christmas Party Tuesday morning. I had intended to go to it, but didn't get away from work in time. By the time I got there, his party had just ended. The teachers said they were all wild and rambunctious.
On Wednesday, Caleb had his Christmas party at school. I went to help out. The kids were all wired and excited about Christmas and being out of school soon.

Caleb showed me around his room, so I could see how decorated it was for Christmas. He also pointed out that he stayed on "green" today. Which means he was good and didn't get in trouble. : )


Mom said...

What fun! Caleb looks like he is having such a good time at his school. It's great to see him doing so well.

Kev said...

Boy howdy, Caleb has some demon kids in his class by the looks of those glowing and red eyes! haha! I love these pics!