Sunday, December 9, 2007

Max's First Hunt

Ben took Max out for his first hunt. It was a cold, dreary day and spitting rain off and on, but they had fun anyways. Max is now 4 months old. He has never even been out in a field or in the woods before. Ben said he went nuts, immediately putting his nose to the ground and sniffing all around. When he flushed up a covie of about 12 quail, Ben said it startled him at first and he headed back towards Ben. He missed his shot. Later he flushed out a single quail and Ben got it. It fell in some brush and Ben couldn't find it, but Max did. Max was so excited about the bird. The picture is of Ben showing me the quail they got. Max was pointing it and then sat down and stared at it with big eyes, shivering all over with excitement. It was so funny! We gave him lots of praise. He was worn out from his hunt and immediately went in his kennel and passed out for several hours.


Mom said...

Way to go Max! What a good bird dog! Sounds like you had a good first hunt Ben.

The Hadfields said...

YAY for Max!!