Monday, December 3, 2007

Rudolph with your nose so bright...

The boys are getting so excited about all the Christmas decorations and lights around town. They have come home from school singing Christmas songs. I think they have watched Polar Express about 6 times already in the past week. I bought Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and they watched it for the first time. I think I tried to get Caleb to watch it one year, when it came on TV but he wasn't interested. They liked it this time, especially the Abominable Snowman. Ben thought the Rudolph rendition by Destiny's Child was kickin'! So did Cody, he danced like a fool.
We decorated our Christmas tree this weekend. Caleb and Cody had so much fun pulling the ornaments out of the boxes "Oh cool look at this one... I remember this one... This one is breakable Mama-you do it". I had to rearrange a little after they were done. Our 8 ft tree had loads of ornaments on the first 2-3 feet, many on the same branch.
So far Max hasn't done any damage to it. We figured he'd be pulling ornaments off and chewing them up, but he's left it alone for the most part. Jasmine loves Christmas too. Notice her in the background on the stairs behind the tree. She always loves sitting under the tree or perched on the stairs overlooking it. Her favorite part is wrapping paper and ribbons-homemade cat toys. I usually just give up on bows because she eats them off. Most of our presents have to travel anyway and bows just get smashed on the way.
Ben has been trying to get our outdoor Christmas lights up for several days now, but it has been raining too much. When he gets home from work, it is too dark. This weekend we helped decorate the Christmas parade float for church. Then the boys got to ride on it and wave to the audience. Cody did great yelling "Merry Christmas" to everyone and waving the whole way. Caleb sat on the other side of the float eating candycanes. Ben and I were supposed to be handing out candycanes to the little kiddos on the side of the road. The first part of the parade was a nice pace, but then I guess the front pacecar must have taken off. It ended up that we jogged/ran down the road trying to keep up with the float, as we quickly tossed candy to the little beggars with their stocking hats and Wal-mart sacks held out. Did I mention that it was 14 blocks! So glad it wasn't cold like last year though. It was miserable last year, the boys ended up crying in my lap because they were so cold, even though they were bundled up and had blankets over us. This year, they didn't even need their sock hats or mittens and they had their coat unzipped.


The Hadfields said...

The tree looks great and I know it was so much fun to have your little helpers assist!! I spend all day putting ornaments back on the tree while Sophie spends all day taking them off! Argh!!

Mom said...

Oh what fun to have two little boys at home at Christmastime!
Would love to have been there when you put the tree up. Enjoy these precious moments while they are young.

Kev said...

Destiny Child? Wow! Nothing says Christmas like a black woman trio! Caleb looks rough in that picture! Cody looks so funny. He reminds me of a Dr. Suess character there. Like a Who down in Who-ville.