Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Henderson

We went to Henderson the weekend after Christmas to see Mom and Bill. We ate good food and opened presents.

Thanks for the Bumblebee Transformer!

Caleb was so excited to open the lava lamp from Grandmom. He was mesmerized by it when he visited her last time.

Paige came to visit her cousins. She had just gotten a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Caleb set everyone's DS, so all three of them could play a game together. Notice the intensity- no one would even look up for a picture.

Our gift to mom was a Lowe's gift card with the help of some little remodeling elves to give her bathroom some love. It was quite the 80's style, although lovely in its time. It was in dire need of restoration. The pretty wallpaper was peeling and looked sad. The wooden towel holders and accessories were worn. Time for the Peterson Elves to do some work.

We stripped wallpaper for hours. It actually came off quite easily, thank goodness! Cody thought that was great fun and helped us strip wallpaper for about 2 hours! Then Caleb came in and helped for about an hour. Mom and I couldn't believe how excited they were about ripping off sheets of wallpaper and scraping the walls. If we had wanted them to come help, we would have heard whining and crying about it for hours. But they thought it was fun to destruct Grandmom's bathroom.
We put up a new mirror and bought new towel racks and fixtures. We put in a beautiful new marble countertop and got rid of the butcher block 80's countertop. Ben helped us install a new updated faucet. What a facelift and we haven't even started painting. Well the walls are prepped. But that will have to wait for another weekend. How are we going to keep the boys out of the bathroom for that?!?! 2 little boys + paint = a big mess
To entertain them, while we were remodeling, Caleb got out his gem hunting kit from Grandmom and Papaw Ford. It came with a block of sand/dirt with gems in it and tools to escavate. There was only one minor incident involving a meat tenderizing hammer and Cody's fingers being smacked on the concrete while reaching for a gem. We kind of guessed that it would have been the other way around (with Cody as the smacker, only it probably wouldn't have been an accident with that little stinker). All incidents aside, they discovered 9 gems. Caleb pulled out his new rock identification book and discovered what kind of jewels they had found. Maybe he will take Mama to Hawaii or buy me a new house with his treasures!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We had lunch with the Atnips on Christmas Eve.

Quinn and Caleb enjoyed putting Bionicles together. They have pieces kind of like Legos that you piece together and make robotic droid dudes.

When the camera comes out, then Cody and Kiersa turn on the crazy faces everytime. Then they want to see what they looked like on the camera. Thank goodness for digital cameras that you can see the pictures that were taken and delete the ones you don't want. Remember the dark ages, when we had to have them all printed out from Wal-mart and half of them were dark or fuzzy. I remember many times paying for a roll of film only to get home and see that the roll was over or under developed with my eyes closed on the ones that would have been good.

Kevin came to spend Christmas with us. We love for him to be here on Christmas and be in on the festivies. Christmas Eve night we went to a pretty service at church and sang Christmas carols putting us all in the mood.

The boys got home from church and amazingly went right to sleep! We were shocked after fighting with the boys last year to get them to stay in bed.

Don't you just love those Christmas morning pictures, with the sleepy faces and hair sticking out. Cody will definitely hate us for this one later on. The attire is totally of their own design. Caleb came downstairs first at 6:30am, in just a sleep shirt and underwear (he hates wearing PJ's to bed). I told him to go wake up his brother and get some PJ bottoms on because I wasn't taking pictures of him in his skibbies. He came back downstairs wearing some high water PJ bottoms that were 6 inches too short and had to have been Cody's. We all died laughing. He went back upstairs and changed into khaki dress pants (keeping his sleep shirt on as well). We let that fashion statement go. Cody must have heard all of the commotion, so he changed out of his PJ bottoms and put on brown shorts before coming downstairs. In spite of the fashion show, they were so excited to see that Santa had indeed came even though they were rotten yesterday.

Running to check out their stockings and finding Webkins.

Cody's giant 3 foot Batman was a favorite of his.

Caleb got some inline skates because he has been doing so well skating at birthday parties at the roller rink and ice skating rink. I got some too! Stop laughing! Caleb and I actually went out this afternoon in the Spring-like 60 degree weather and gave them a whirl. No, I didn't bust my rear at all. Thankfully Ben wasn't home to get any pictures. But a neighbor did stick his head out the door and laugh telling me to be careful, as Caleb and I teetered down the street. I'll have to build up the strength in my ankles because they were killing me after just going down the street and back.

Taking care of my brother's health.

One of their favorite Santa presents.

Cuddling and being silly with their uncle before he had to head back to Bowling Green.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Friends and Family

Last Friday began our Christmas celebration marathon with friends and family. The boys both had Christmas parties at their schools, unfortunately they were at the same time. I went to Cody's Christmas party because I went to Caleb's school for Halloween. Cody's best buddy, Kiersa, came with me. Cody was so excited to have her in his class. She goes to the same preschool, but at a different time.

Cody and Kiersa playing with Christopher. Notice Cody is wearing a Power Ranger outfit. He and Kiersa were playing their favorite game of "Dress up like a Superhero" before preschool. The boys have a trunk of old Halloween outfits and dress up costumes - Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, Hulk, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Power Ranger, and Batman to name a few. Don't let the pink outfit that Kiersa is wearing fool you, she is a tom-boy at heart and keeps up with the boys like the best of them.

The boys in Cody's preschool class passing presents around like hot potatoes until the music stops.

When we got home, we prepared for the Annual Peterson/Petitt Christmas. It is usually at the Petitt household, but I felt unusually hospitable this year so we had it at our house.

A couple of Santa's Helpers.

Great fun and good food was had by all. Cody was so excited to get his "Yellow Motorcycle", something that has been high on his wishlist. How did the Petitt's know?

Now that's a pair of rotten boys. Look at those silly faces.

Or was I talking about these two yahoos.

On Sunday afternoon we had the Peterson Family Christmas at our house for the first time. I told you I was feeling hospitable. The cousins had a blast together.

Here is Cody, Caleb, Katie, Makinna, Abbi, and Ben. What a bunch of good looking kids!

I don't know who was enjoying this present more, Daddy or Cody. This was another present that Cody has been dying to get. He told us that he wanted a "Yellow Katar". We figured out that he was talking about a guitar, but we didn't know why he wanted a yellow one. We showed him cool looking red ones, blue ones, and black ones because we couldn't find a yellow guitar anywhere. "Nope, I don't want those colors. I want a yellow katar." Finally we saw a real guitar and he pointed it out saying "like that yellow katar". We weren't thinking of the color of a regular guitar as being yellow. We were out shopping for a canary yellow guitar (good thing we didn't find one!) Thanks Memaw and PeePaw, Cody and Ben love it!
We had a grand Christmas feast and stuffed ourselves so much that we couldn't even make room for dessert for hours. Everyone vegged out for awhile.

Some even took a little nap. But not until the Titans were done playing.

The kids geared up for a cool game of monkey in the middle with this cool new game that the girls got.

OK guys, we have to get one more picture. Too bad Aunt Miranda didn't notice the fan pull dangling in the picture when I took it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Brotherly Love and Talking to God

I got a little brotherly love this weekend. Kevin came with Shannon and Trenton. We had a great time. The boys were so excited about Trenton coming that they stayed up till 11pm waiting for him and Uncle KK to arrive. They were wound up and we had trouble getting them to sleep after an hour of romping.

We decide to break out the Christmas festivities with Gingerbread House decorating and making our favorite Christmas treat-Peanut Butter Balls!!!

Cody couldn't keep his fingers out of the icing or candy pieces...too irresistable.

Caleb had been asking all week to decorate a Gingerbread House. Ben told him to ask his artistic uncle to decorate one with them. It was right up Kevin's alley. I think he had just as much fun as the boys decorating the house with gumdrops, peppermints, and brightly colored candy balls.

Caleb and Cody were really sweet to Trenton and they played together so well. He loved playing with all of the hotwheel cars and racetracks. He constantly would come up to Shannon saying "Dips?" We thought he was asking for chips. No, he wanted to go up the "steps" to the boy's room where all the cool toys were.

We also took the boys to go see Santa downtown. It was freezing waiting outside Santa's house on Broadway. It was very windy Saturday and even colder with the wind coming off the river. Cody got so cold that he had a meltdown waiting to see Santa and I couldn't get him to go in to see him for anything. But I got a great picture of Caleb and Santa.

I am so glad Shannon came with Trenton. We had a lot of fun with the boys. Next time you visit, we won't have the tree up for Trenton to snake around under like the Grinch.

This is Cody's newest feat this week. No, this isn't a trick of the camera. Yes, he is climbing the door frame. I've always said he is my little monkey. He climbs everything. You should see him doing this. He curls his little feet and toes around the door frame and scrambles right up. Then he slides down. I caught him trying to show Caleb how to do it. Caleb attempts, but doesn't have the Spider Monkey touch that his brother does.

Sunday evening was the Children's Christmas Program at Church. It was the story of Heli the Littlest Star that became the star of Bethlehem. All of the children were stars and sung songs as well as saying at least one line during the program.

Caleb was literally the star of the show. He sung boldly above the others with great confidence. While others were shy and quiet. Several people came up to him afterwards congratulating him for doing such a great job. We were so proud of him.

After the play, I spent some time with God.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis the Season

Well tis the season to be jolly! We finally have our Christmas tree up and lights on our house. Thanks to my wonderful husband. He put everything up but the ornaments while I was gone. He knew the boys and I love putting ornaments on the tree. That is my favorite part!! Pulling out all of my treasures from years past. Ben and I have a wonderful tradition of picking up a meaningful ornament from a favorite vacation spot. So when we pull out those ornaments at Christmas time it is full of memories from those vacations. Then there are the "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that are special. I told the boys that those were their first ornaments. Cody asked if he made it when he was a baby. We also had a few ornaments made by the boys over the past years. I have several beautiful glass ornaments that my family has given me over the years that I treasure and the boys know those are mom's breakable ornaments. Only Mama can put those on the tree. Thank goodness our tree is 9 feet tall!
Yes, 9 feet. I have to use a ladder to put up some ornaments. But it looks great in our high ceiling living room. My house isn't totally ready yet though because I don't have my other decor up. I still have 2 or 3 boxes upstairs of Christmas items to decorate the interior of my house. I'll take pictures when everything is done.

This past weekend, I got to go on a 'Girl's Only' shopping trip to St. Louis. I went with my best bud Christy. We met up with her sister and friend up in St. Louis on Friday and didn't come home until Sunday. It was so much fun to get away. No cares or worries...no children whining or tired of shopping. We shopped, ate great food, shopped, told great stories, shopped, laughed, shopped, had some wine, shopped, and did I mention that we shopped. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Best of all Christy and I got finished with our Christmas shopping! Many thanks to Paul and Ben for letting us have a get-away (I know we can be expecting a hunting or fishing weekend in return).

On another festive note...we went to our first Christmas party of the season Sunday night. It was our annual chiropractic friends party.

Look at all the kiddos...can you believe we got them all to sit down in one spot? It was present opening time and we bribed them to sit still.

Now that's more like it!

Good food and fellowship was had by all.

Sarah and Calvin...little girl that's not Santa's lap that you are sitting on.

Brooklyn, the diva of the party.

Teresa and Chris chilling on the sofa.

Kelly and Mark, where's the mistletoe?

This year the party was hosted by the lovely Kahre's. Thanks for inviting 10 wild children and 11 crazy adults into your household. The peppermint cake was fabulous!
I'm leaving you now with this gorgeous sunset I saw last night.