Monday, January 28, 2008

My little monkey

Cody loves his "tumbling" class. It is the toddler gymnastics class that he is in this winter. He has so much fun. He loves jumping on the trampoline and in the foam block pit. He also likes the rings and doing flips on the bars. Kiersa is also in his tumbling class and they have to do everything together. "Kiersa, Kiersa, come jump over here!" "Cody, let's do this!" I have never seen 2 little kids of the opposite sex so bonded. It helps that she is a rough and rowdy girl. I have been meaning to bring my camera to tumbling, but I keep forgetting. My friend Amy was there last Friday with her precious little girl, Sophie. Sophie calls it "nastics". Isn't that cute! Luckily blogging guru had her camera on her and I got a couple of pics from her digital. Thanks Amy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I want to be the rotten egg!

Caleb and Cody can be so pokey sometimes (Ben says all the time). They drag their feet to do anything. Especially when Mama and Daddy need to be somewhere or when we are getting ready for school in the morning. At home, they are distracted by toys, the dog, each other and I end up yelling at them or counting (you parents know what I mean) to get them up and moving. When we are outside Caleb is busy reading signs, license plates, bumper stickers, or looking at a leaf on the ground. Meanwhile Cody has broken free of my hand and is trying to race across the parking lot like a tornado. Ben and my mom went to Caleb's basketball game this weekend (I had to work). When they were walking across a parking lot, Mom was trying to get Caleb to hurry up. He said, "Don't piss me off". Mom was shocked! Luckily Ben had seen it right before it came out of his mouth...the lovely bumper sticker on a redneck's car they were walking past. Ben had the talk about not nice words. Then of course Cody had to pipe up, "I didn't say Don't piss me off."

The past couple of weeks I resorted to one of my childhood chants in order to get the boys moving when they are poking or not getting up to their room quick enough. "Last one there is a rotten egg!" Cody took off up those stairs. Caleb followed but not in any hurry. I'm sure he wasn't threatened by Mama's "rotten egg". All of a sudden, Cody realized he wasn't last, "Oh man! I want to be the rotten egg!" Caleb tried to explain that a rotten egg wasn't something you wanted to be, but Cody put on his stubborn arms crossed stance and continued to declare that he was the coveted "rotten egg". I asked him if he was the rotten egg, then what was Caleb. He said, "Caleb is the sweet egg." I've tossed out the childhood chant a few more times in the past few weeks. Every time Cody yells out, "I'm the rotten egg!" But for some reason, it gets them both racing to whatever destination I have pointed them in. Whatever works...

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's time for some basketball


Caleb is back into basketball season. He is playing with Upward Basketball for the 2nd year. He really enjoys it. I can't believe the difference from last year, when they could barely dribble or shoot the basket. This year they are dribbling up and down the court, guarding, shooting and making the basket, and catching rebounds. It is a lot of fun to watch! He has practice every Monday night and a game every Saturday through middle of March.

Cody started back in his gymnastics class this past Friday. Kiersa is also in his class. They expend a lot of energy running, climbing, jumping, and swinging.
Check out these little hotrods! Kiersa and Cody are inseparable!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to de-stress

Is de-stress a word? I don't know, but it is time to bring down the stress level in this woman's temple! I don't know if I can with 2 boys under the age of 5, a full time job, and taking 2 classes towards my Master's degree...but I'm going to try. A friend of mine gave me a book called "Younger by the Day-365 Ways to Rejuvenate your Body and Revitalize your Spirit" by Victoria Moran. It talks about getting in touch with your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is one of those books that you are supposed to read daily because there is an inspirational thought for each day of the year. I have been reading it about once a week. That is all the time that I have to devote to it, so I catch up on a week's worth of reading at one sitting. Which is depressing in itself, because I love to read, and used to read all the time (before kids). I now rarely have time to read anything except Dr. Suess, The Hungry Hungry Catepillar, and boring nursing books and journals for school.

Getting off the subject, back to the book..."Younger by the Day" talks about eating healthy, pampering yourself, treating yourself to things that you enjoy, and just making yourself feel good in your own skin. Today I finally treated myself to a yoga class (well I didn't actually treat myself, I had a one month free gift certificate), but I finally made time for myself. It was an introductory class, which was good because I am out of shape and not limber at all. It was a small class of 4 (a lady in her 50's and 2 overweight girls in their 20's were my other classmates). So I was feeling pretty good about being out of shape and not knowing what I was doing. It was their first class too. We had a really good time. It was so relaxing and envigorating! All we did was relaxation and stretching exercises, but just paying attention to your breathing and forgetting everything else in life was rejuvenating.

Ben bought a juicer a couple of weeks ago. Neither of us eat much fruit and we tried some fresh juice from a juicer at a friend's house and got hooked. The thing is great, we put the fruit in whole and it spits out delicious, fresh juice. Ben got all siked up about it and printed off recipes from the internet and has been trying all kinds of concoctions. It tastes so yummy and healthy! We have been really energized since drinking the juice. Our bodies are saying "thank you!"

Ben's mom bought me the "Deceptively Delicious-Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food" cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld for Christmas. It incorporates using purees of fruits or vegetables into meals to get the kids to eat more healthy or to actually get fruits and vegetables down them. Caleb is my extremely picky eater and Cody is just selective in what he eats. So a few weeks ago, Ben and I were in the kitchen- him juicing, me pureeing. Haven't found a winning recipe for my boys yet, but I've snuck some veggie purees into Ben and my meals. Gotten the boys to try a bite or two. I have a nice stock of vegetable purees now to try out and hopefully I'll find something they love even though it has veggies in it.

We are both struggling with age creeping up on our bodies the past couple of years. Ben, "why didn't you tell me I was this bald on top!" straining to look at the top of his head in the mirror. Me, "what is this pooch here in the front, I look pregnant, and why don't my pants fit anymore!" Not to mention the funky strange hairs that appear on body parts that aren't supposed to have hair growing from them, getting heartburn or indigestion from food that you used to be able to eat with no problem, or the inablility to whip a little teenager's butt in soccer or football anymore!

I also came to the realization that I am at peace with my job for now. That is a major de-stressor because work used to be quite a stressful place on some days. There is probably (99.9% sure) going to be a position in management opening up in my hospital that I would be a likely candidate to apply for. I have had several people already questioning me about whether I would apply for it. I considered it for a bit, but then came to the realization that I really love what I am doing. I love teaching pregnant women and little siblings, I love answering their questions and talking to them about their pregnancy. I like the flexibility of my hours. I know I sometimes miss ball games or practices because I have some childbirth classes in the evening or on a weekend-I don't like that part. But I can clock out and go have lunch with Caleb if I want to or go to a pre-school program that Cody is having. Or go to a yoga class, like I did today. I also love the computer stuff that I do (I manage the computer charting system in LDR and do chart audits and chart reviews). I do not want to move on to a different position with the high stress level that it has and the hours that it entails. I'm sure I would do fine in the position and I may even have been good at it, but I do not think I would be happy. I would rather sacrifice having more money, for having happiness and peace at my job.

Has this post turned into a self-help blog? I am sorry! But I hope that all of you readers will find a way to rejuvinate yourselves and de-stress your life. You deserve to pamper yourself and do something that makes you happy : )
Pic at the top is not how I wish to de-stress. How in the world is that woman in that position anyway? It should not be humanely possible to sniff your heels from a standing position.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 Things About Cody

Now it's Cody's turn. Our boys may look alike, but their personalities are as different as night and day.

8 Things About Cody:

1. I love to make a mess! When I was a baby I would knock all the books and videos off the bookshelf and crumble my food into tiny bits, tossing them happily onto the floor. I still do that, but now I get into big trouble. Everything is finger-food to me (yogurt, pudding, ketchup, mustard)-I get in trouble for eating like that too. Puddles were meant to stomp in!

2. Mama and Daddy call me Mookie Monkey because I climb on everything. I also like to hang from things and swing like a little monkey.

3. I love taking baths and showers! If Mama or Daddy are taking a shower, I always run in, strip down, and jump in. I ask to take a bath all the time and get upset when I can't take one.

4. I have to do everything that Mama does, all day long. I love to help Mama cook, unload the dishwasher, do laundry, and go shopping. I follow her around, glued to her side. I want her to play with me all the time and don't like to play by myself. I don't like to be by myself very much.

5. I love to be tickled. "Tickle me again!"

6. I do not know a stranger. I talk to people everywhere we go, "Hi! What's your name?" "Have a nice day and be careful!"

7. I am stubborn and when I go to time out (which is quite frequently), Mama or Daddy ask, "Are you ready to be nice?" or "Are you ready to say you are sorry?" I yell back, "NO!" with my arms crossed over my chest and a frown on my face. After 5 or 10 min, when I finally cool down, I say "I'm ready to be nice now."

8. I am so mischievious and very rough and rowdy. I love to wrestle with the dog and my brother (much to their dismay). I love to irritate my brother and do things I am not supposed to. Caleb calls me evil, which makes me upset, "I am not evil!"

Monday, January 7, 2008

8 Things About Caleb

On blogsites a game of tag is going around. If you or someone in your family is tagged, then you post "8 Things About" that person. This is a great way to share the personality, quirks, interests, and fun things about the person. Caleb was tagged by Sophie Hadfield (Amy).

8 Things About Caleb:

1. I am very independent and always have been. "Let me do it." "I can do it by myself." I get frustrated when I can't figure out how to do something by myself, but once you show me once or twice I catch on fast.

2. I have a tender-heart and am very sensitive (but don't tell my Mr. Tough-Guy brother). I sometimes tear up at movies and cartoons or when my brother or the puppy get in trouble or get hurt. I get my feelings hurt easily and hate to disappoint my parents.

3. I am a video game junkie. Give me any video game and I'll figure out how to play it by myself and usually do pretty well too.

4. I love to read! I constantly read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I am cruising through chapter books at the moment, like "The Magic Treehouse" series.

5. I don't like to color. I have never enjoyed coloring in books or at school/daycare. It frustrates me because I get outside the lines and doesn't look good. At school, I am usually the last one to finish a coloring assignment. All the other kids will have their whole page colored, while I have just finished 2 or 3 things on the page, making sure they are colored in just right.

6. I love to learn! School is fun! Call me "Sponge-Caleb Square Pants" because I soak it up like a sponge. Math, reading, spelling, puzzles, word searches, mazes, etc are fun to me.

7. I love sports! T-ball, soccer, basketball, swimming, and martial arts are great. I may not be the best or fastest, but I have lots of fun! My favorite is Tae Kwon Do. I told Mama and Daddy that I want to do martial arts forever, even when I am a teenager or big like Instructor Jason and Instructor Christy.

8. I love being with family and friends! I am very outgoing and love to hang out with my friends. I also love visiting my family and miss not seeing them often. I am a very sweet big brother.
Now it is your turn...I tag Sydney Howard (yes, I'm talking to you Kevin), Adam Petitt, Quinn Atnip, Ryan Rowe, and Maggie Vasseur. I know some of you don't have blogs, so e-mail your list to your buds so we can learn more about your little guys. I'm also tagging Cody (is that legal?), because this was fun and he needs his turn in the spot light too. Saving that one for another day though.