Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 Things About Cody

Now it's Cody's turn. Our boys may look alike, but their personalities are as different as night and day.

8 Things About Cody:

1. I love to make a mess! When I was a baby I would knock all the books and videos off the bookshelf and crumble my food into tiny bits, tossing them happily onto the floor. I still do that, but now I get into big trouble. Everything is finger-food to me (yogurt, pudding, ketchup, mustard)-I get in trouble for eating like that too. Puddles were meant to stomp in!

2. Mama and Daddy call me Mookie Monkey because I climb on everything. I also like to hang from things and swing like a little monkey.

3. I love taking baths and showers! If Mama or Daddy are taking a shower, I always run in, strip down, and jump in. I ask to take a bath all the time and get upset when I can't take one.

4. I have to do everything that Mama does, all day long. I love to help Mama cook, unload the dishwasher, do laundry, and go shopping. I follow her around, glued to her side. I want her to play with me all the time and don't like to play by myself. I don't like to be by myself very much.

5. I love to be tickled. "Tickle me again!"

6. I do not know a stranger. I talk to people everywhere we go, "Hi! What's your name?" "Have a nice day and be careful!"

7. I am stubborn and when I go to time out (which is quite frequently), Mama or Daddy ask, "Are you ready to be nice?" or "Are you ready to say you are sorry?" I yell back, "NO!" with my arms crossed over my chest and a frown on my face. After 5 or 10 min, when I finally cool down, I say "I'm ready to be nice now."

8. I am so mischievious and very rough and rowdy. I love to wrestle with the dog and my brother (much to their dismay). I love to irritate my brother and do things I am not supposed to. Caleb calls me evil, which makes me upset, "I am not evil!"


Mom said...

I love you Cody, and you can come help me make cookies or play games anytime you want.
Love, Grandmama

The Hadfields said...

Evil, ha!!! He is too cute. Sounds like he can be a mess like Sophie sometimes!!! :)

Kev said...

hahah I love them both so much! Funny funny!

Papaw said...

Here's the other one that I wish I could spoil. You are so lovable. Guess I'm not around enough to see the evil side