Monday, January 21, 2008

It's time for some basketball


Caleb is back into basketball season. He is playing with Upward Basketball for the 2nd year. He really enjoys it. I can't believe the difference from last year, when they could barely dribble or shoot the basket. This year they are dribbling up and down the court, guarding, shooting and making the basket, and catching rebounds. It is a lot of fun to watch! He has practice every Monday night and a game every Saturday through middle of March.

Cody started back in his gymnastics class this past Friday. Kiersa is also in his class. They expend a lot of energy running, climbing, jumping, and swinging.
Check out these little hotrods! Kiersa and Cody are inseparable!


Kev said...

They're so cute and small! I love em! Miss em!

Mom said...

Adorable. When can I come see them?

Papaw said...

Love the news about the kids. I figured they would be athlets. Sure miss em