Monday, January 28, 2008

My little monkey

Cody loves his "tumbling" class. It is the toddler gymnastics class that he is in this winter. He has so much fun. He loves jumping on the trampoline and in the foam block pit. He also likes the rings and doing flips on the bars. Kiersa is also in his tumbling class and they have to do everything together. "Kiersa, Kiersa, come jump over here!" "Cody, let's do this!" I have never seen 2 little kids of the opposite sex so bonded. It helps that she is a rough and rowdy girl. I have been meaning to bring my camera to tumbling, but I keep forgetting. My friend Amy was there last Friday with her precious little girl, Sophie. Sophie calls it "nastics". Isn't that cute! Luckily blogging guru had her camera on her and I got a couple of pics from her digital. Thanks Amy!


Kev said...

Wow, what fun! So this class, do they actually do instructed things, or just play like a playground? Also, Cody looks a lot like Caleb in these pics. He looks like Ben too in that middle one!

The Hadfields said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out!! :) Cody is a doll. How fun that we can do this stuff with our kids!!
By the way, do you know if they will have class tomorrow? Call me or e-mail me what you think.

Mom said...

He IS a little monkey, you are right. So much energy. Great pics!