Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready for Spring

Today turned into a beautiful day! Got up in the low 60's. My daffodils are peaking their little heads out of the ground just waiting for a couple more warm days like this to open up their little faces. Looking forward to more days like this so the boys can go out and play. We are tired of being cooped up inside!

This weekend is Caleb's 6th birthday...hard to believe he is already 6! I took cupcakes to his kindergarten class this afternoon. He was so excited. Cody came with me and helped pass out napkins and cups to everyone. He was so proud to be a big helper.
We came home after Caleb's school was out and played outside. The boys put on their skates and scooted, stumbled, and shuffled up and down the driveway. They fell a couple of times, but no big wipe-outs. The pic of Cody on the ground is him being dramatic. He was mad because I wouldn't hold his hands and push him down the driveway anymore. It was starting to hurt my back, so I said he had to skate by himself now. He pretended to fall down and cry. I took pictures of him and teased him till he was giggling, then he jumped up and was off again.

Check out how big Max is getting! He is now 6 months old and is probably close to the size he will remain. He graduates from his obedience class tonight. I have been taking him to puppy school. He loves it! When he gets there, he has to socialize a bit and visit all his friends. Then he sits down and learns his commands and lessons for the night. He has done really well. Sit, stay, down, off, leave it, drop it, come, and many more. Of course, he still has a few things to work on that the boys have encouraged and made it hard for him to break. He still wants to play bite/nip at you because the boys play rough with him and encourage it, until he nips too hard, then they start crying. We also have to be careful with what we leave out at his level because he will chew it up. The boys have lost a couple of toys and he chewed up my silicone pot holder too. The majority of the time he is outside, but we bring him inside in the evening, especially since it has been so cold. When the weather warms up he can stay outside in the evening too. Another reason to look forward to warmer weather!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going to the Alphabet

Today was Jasmine's annual visit to the vet. She is 14 years old now and last year the vet said she looked half her age from his exam. He kept asking me how old she was and what year she was born. Then when I took her record up to the desk, I noticed he had crossed out 1992 and put down 2002 as her date of birth. So this year, I am bringing her immunization record that has all of her shot records and weight checks from itty bitty kitty to ole sassy pants.

I picked Cody up from daycare and told him where we were going. I reminded him that he went with me once when Max went to the vet and got his puppy shots. A little while later he asks, "why does Jasmine have to go to the alphabet?" I said, "Alphabet? What are you talking about?" Cody: "Is Jasmine sick? Is she getting shots at the alphabet?" Me: "It's the vet, not the alphabet." Cody: "Oh." Me: "No, Jasmine isn't sick. She is going to the vet so the doctor can make sure she is healthy and she gets shots so she doesn't get sick." Cody: "Will they put that stick up Jasmine's butt at the alphabet, like they did to Max?" (Checking for worms when he was a puppy)

Got to the alphabet, I mean vet, and Cody was Mr. Social. "What is your cat's name?" "My cat's name is Jasmine" "My name is Cody." "I am 3 years old" "Yes, I like Spiderman. I like Spiderman 3. It has black spiderman and Venom and Sandman. Peter turns into black spiderman. Venom sticks his tongue out like this." "Can I pet your dog?" "How old is your kitty?" "I have a dog named Max and he likes to chase Jasmine." "Max likes to lick and bite and play with me." "Your dog licked me!" "When is it our turn?" "Is that your daughter?" "I like snow, do you like snow?" "Why is that dog barking back there?" "Are they going to call our name?"

Jasmine got checked out by a different vet this time. She said, "She's 14 years old?!?! She looks really good for her age." I whipped out my immunization record and told her the other vet thought she was half her age. She agreed. She examined her and said she looked great, not like most cats her age. She only had to get one shot because of her age. She said next year, if she is doing well she may not have to get any more shots. She said, "I wish we could all age as gracefully as she is."

Ben was estatic of course, when I told him about our backwards aging cat. (He was not a cat person when we got married and has always said he was counting down the days until she keels over). Of course, I find her curled up in his lap or see him reaching over to pet her all the time. But he'd deny it. Looks like we will have Miss Sassy Pants for several more years to come.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quiet Wii-kend

Thursday Caleb's school was called off because of another ice storm. There are limbs and trees down all over the city from the storm last week. This storm knocked down a few more, that were probably weakened from the previous storm. The kids went back to school on Friday even though there was still ice everywhere, the roads were cleared. We had a nice quiet weekend.
Ben and the boys played a Wii game, Legend of Zelda, that Ben rented. It is an adventure type of game where you go through different quests and have to figure out puzzles and defeat creatures. The boys had fun watching Daddy trying to get through the adventure and helping him figure it out.
No other plans this weekend, we just stayed home except for Caleb's basketball game Saturday night. Caleb is getting better at basketball, especially with defense and offense. He tried and missed a couple of baskets. He enjoys it though. Sunday morning we woke up surprised to see 1/2 inch of snow covering the ground and snowing big fluffy snowflakes. The boys were so excited! They got to toss a couple of snowballs before heading off to church. Unfortunately, it was all melted by the time we got home from church.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Game Night

Last night we had game night with our best buds, the Petitt's. First we went to an annual fish fry at a local Catholic church, it is lent you know. All four of the boys ate pretty well. Then we came back to our house for a night of games and fun. The boys played Wii and Nintendo DS, till Adam passed out on the pull-out couch with Cody snuggled up next to him. The two night owls, Caleb and Andrew ended up playing together. That is how it always ends up by the end of the night. At first the two older boys play together and the two younger boys play together. Then by the end of the night Adam and Cody who have very similar personalities, end up wrestling and rough housing together, and we find them paired up playing together. When they are tired they don't fight it, they come tell us they are tired or find somewhere to crash. Andrew and Caleb are very laid back. They usually end up playing some quiet game together and stay up as late as they can.

While the boys were zoned out in gameland, the adults played cards. Guys against girls as usual. The bad guys won out for tonight. We had to give it to them, since we whooped their butts the last time. It was a fun night-great to have good friends to hang out with!
Cody loves Jasmine, and Jasmine loves well, only her mama. She has always been a one person kitty with a very bitchy, peculiar personality. She is the type of kitty that is lovey and sweet one minute and going psycho on you the next because you looked at her wrong or pet her the wrong way. But she has gotten more laid back in her elderly years (15 years old!) Sometimes Cody actually catches her and this is how he carries her around. For those of you who know Jasmine, I know it is a shock that she lets him pick her up. Of course it is only for a minute or two. I've even noticed her snuggling up in Uncle KK's lap when he is here. You remember how she hated him so, and would hiss and yowl every time she saw him. Ever since he lived with us and would taunt her with evil laughing and putting socks on her head. Those were the good ole days. She is very tolerant of the boys now and will sometimes even come up to them for a quick pet or to rub up against them before quickly trotting away. She also frequently jumps up in Ben's lap for some love. She does not tolerate Max though. He is way too rambunctious and chases her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hearts and Treats

The boys had a great Valentine's Day full of parties and yummy treats. Cody went to daycare and preschool, since I was off most of the week with them out of school. I had to catch up on work. He had a party in each class, so I am sure he was on a sugar high all day long! I went to his Valentine's party for his preschool class, since it is just right across the street from my work. They played games, sang songs, read stories, and had cupcakes, chips, and cookies. He actually didn't eat too much because he had just partied in his other class and was full. Here is his buddy Tre, who he talks about all the time. The teacher says they are inseparable and are both bundles of energy.

Caleb had a good time at his party too. I wasn't able to go to his party this time. He said they decorated cupcakes. I'm sure the class was crazy from being off for 2 1/2 days! They both came home with lots of Valentine's and candy.

I finally got to take pictures with my digital of the ice on the trees, shrubs, and cool icicle formations around our yard. Quite beautiful.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice Storm and Babies!

Ice Storm-For those viewers who live far away, we have had lots of ice, sleet, rain, and more ice for the past couple of days. It looks as if we live in a mystical ice city. There is at least 1/2 to one inch of ice covering everything. The trees and shrubs have an icy coating that looks beautiful and icicles are hanging from everything. Too bad it has made the roads so deadly and dangerous. Many people are also without electricity throughout the city. Because the trees are coated with layer after layer of ice, they are drooping and many have broken branches or fallen over from the weight. I will include pictures later that I took with my camera phone (once I figure out how to upload them to the computer). I would have taken pictures with my digital, but it is being used for a much better purpose at the moment-which is the 2nd part of my blog. Caleb's school was called off at lunchtime on Monday, then they were out today (Tuesday) and it has been called off for tomorrow too. He was so excited to be out!

Kelly Atnip had her baby Monday morning!!! I was up with her all night Sunday night while she was in labor. We went to the hospital around 2am and she delivered a beautiful baby boy at 6:31am. His name is Mason Tate and he has lots of dark hair, like Quinn. Kelly asked for me to be in the room with her, Mark, and her mom for labor and the delivery. She did awesome. When she got to the hospital, she was already 7 cm (you have to get to 10 cm to start pushing and deliver). The nurses working that night asked if I was now a doula, along with my many other roles here at the hospital. Kelly went totally natural, like I did with Cody. She did great even though she was having horrible back labor. I had back labor with Caleb and it is so much worse than regular contractions! When Mason finally decided he was ready to come, he zipped on out like a little fish and I delivered him! The doctor was even up the hallway and he didn't make it in time. One of our new nurses, Valerie took care of Kelly all night and she happened to be in the room when he delivered. She helped deliver him with me and did a great job. It was her first time to "catch a baby". I have delivered 6 or 7 at least in the past 11 years, but I never thought I would be delivering a friend's baby. It was so special! So now the girls in LDR are calling me a midwife too. I will include pictures of the sweet boy later, Kelly and Mark are borrowing my digital because their camera malfunctioned right after the delivery. Quinn and Kiersa are proud big brothers and sisters!

Ben brought Cody by on his way to work that morning and Cody was amazed that Mason was out of Kelly's belly. He loves babies and climbed up in her bed to get a closer look. Caleb hasn't seen him yet because he was in school on Monday, then the ice storm has limited our driving since then. He looks forward to meeting him when the Atnips come home on Wednesday.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Forgotten moments

Almost forgot to share with you some great pics of the boys, including our youngest hairy one, in the snow last week. We got a little snow last Thursday and Caleb's school was closed for the day. I bundled myself and the boys up in their snow gear and we went out and played in it for 45 min to an hour. I pulled them around the backyard on the sled until I was out of breath (hey was more than one lap! I think it was two). They then tried pulling each other for awhile. Then they threw snow at each other and at Max (can you believe how big he is getting). He is now 6 months old. After that they played on the fort and playset. Most of it melted, of course, by that afternoon. We had some more the next morning, but it was back to school. That also melted quickly. I was glad they got to go out and enjoy it a little on Thursday.

On Superbowl Sunday, we went to the Atnip's. The men went downstairs for the game, after feasting on Ben's gourmet Backyard Critter Chili and Buffalo Chicken Strips. The ladies stayed upstairs and chatted about babies, life, babies, labor, delivery, babies, breastfeeding, and more babies. Remember, Kelly is 38 weeks at this moment, so we were all about baby talk. Anytime the men wandered up from their man cave, they quickly hussled back down the stairs after hearing the topic of discussion. Here is a pic of my festive cupcakes for the evening.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's my Birthday!

It's my 35th Birthday! Can you believe it! Some of you have already said, "What you are 35!!!" I know you are in shock because I look so young and vivacious for my age. Hey...stop with the snickering! Kev asked if I felt older or was depressed about turning 35. Nope, no biggie. Just another day in the life of a working/school-going wife, daughter, sister, and mother of two rambunctious, abundant sport and extracurricular activity-participating boys. It's a shame that my life is so dull and quiet.
All kidding aside...I've had a really great week. I am still going to yoga on Tuesdays. It is so relaxing. We do a lot of stretching, some not too crazy poses (none of the heels to my ears yet), controlled breathing, and relaxation exercises. Today, I pampered myself a little more...I went for a facial. I received a free facial gift certificate in December and saved it for a special day. Oh my -what luxury! I have never had a facial before and it was heavenly! It was a full hour of facial massage, steaming washcloths, cleansers, lotions, scrubbing, and relaxation. I think I even dozed off for a little while...hope I didn't snore or drool. After my facial, I called my buds at work, Kyra and Suzanne, for lunch. They gave me much grief over my pampered life (yoga, facials, and such). Had sushi for dinner tonight with my best bud, Kelly, who is busting at the seams and ready to deliver at any moment. I have been on high alert for the phone call and was in high hopes for a delivery on my birthday. But little Mason has other plans. When I got home Ben surprised me with flowers, a mini birthday cake (so we don't pig out for days and gain 10 lbs), a tent canopy for camping, and some delicious teas.
This is a picture of Ben putting up the gigantic canopy in our living room. Silly boy! The boys thought that was great. Daddy quickly put it back in it's nifty little bag before flying little boy body missles or karate legs destroyed it.