Friday, February 8, 2008

Forgotten moments

Almost forgot to share with you some great pics of the boys, including our youngest hairy one, in the snow last week. We got a little snow last Thursday and Caleb's school was closed for the day. I bundled myself and the boys up in their snow gear and we went out and played in it for 45 min to an hour. I pulled them around the backyard on the sled until I was out of breath (hey was more than one lap! I think it was two). They then tried pulling each other for awhile. Then they threw snow at each other and at Max (can you believe how big he is getting). He is now 6 months old. After that they played on the fort and playset. Most of it melted, of course, by that afternoon. We had some more the next morning, but it was back to school. That also melted quickly. I was glad they got to go out and enjoy it a little on Thursday.

On Superbowl Sunday, we went to the Atnip's. The men went downstairs for the game, after feasting on Ben's gourmet Backyard Critter Chili and Buffalo Chicken Strips. The ladies stayed upstairs and chatted about babies, life, babies, labor, delivery, babies, breastfeeding, and more babies. Remember, Kelly is 38 weeks at this moment, so we were all about baby talk. Anytime the men wandered up from their man cave, they quickly hussled back down the stairs after hearing the topic of discussion. Here is a pic of my festive cupcakes for the evening.


The Hadfields said...

It's funny how all we want to talk about includes babies!!! :)

Mom said...

Love the snow pictures. That's great that the boys got to play in it for a little while. You have to make the most of these moments.
Festive cupcakes...noticed Cody ate the icing off of his as usual.

Kev said...

Looks like you all had fun! Snow? What's that? We don't get that down here in the BG. EVER! Oh well! At least the nephews got to enjoy it.

Dad said...

Hey, We don't ever get to play in it anymore, since it was only in the 80's here that day. Guess we could get out and play in the sand.
Do miss it at times. Troy would get a kick out of it.