Saturday, February 16, 2008

Game Night

Last night we had game night with our best buds, the Petitt's. First we went to an annual fish fry at a local Catholic church, it is lent you know. All four of the boys ate pretty well. Then we came back to our house for a night of games and fun. The boys played Wii and Nintendo DS, till Adam passed out on the pull-out couch with Cody snuggled up next to him. The two night owls, Caleb and Andrew ended up playing together. That is how it always ends up by the end of the night. At first the two older boys play together and the two younger boys play together. Then by the end of the night Adam and Cody who have very similar personalities, end up wrestling and rough housing together, and we find them paired up playing together. When they are tired they don't fight it, they come tell us they are tired or find somewhere to crash. Andrew and Caleb are very laid back. They usually end up playing some quiet game together and stay up as late as they can.

While the boys were zoned out in gameland, the adults played cards. Guys against girls as usual. The bad guys won out for tonight. We had to give it to them, since we whooped their butts the last time. It was a fun night-great to have good friends to hang out with!
Cody loves Jasmine, and Jasmine loves well, only her mama. She has always been a one person kitty with a very bitchy, peculiar personality. She is the type of kitty that is lovey and sweet one minute and going psycho on you the next because you looked at her wrong or pet her the wrong way. But she has gotten more laid back in her elderly years (15 years old!) Sometimes Cody actually catches her and this is how he carries her around. For those of you who know Jasmine, I know it is a shock that she lets him pick her up. Of course it is only for a minute or two. I've even noticed her snuggling up in Uncle KK's lap when he is here. You remember how she hated him so, and would hiss and yowl every time she saw him. Ever since he lived with us and would taunt her with evil laughing and putting socks on her head. Those were the good ole days. She is very tolerant of the boys now and will sometimes even come up to them for a quick pet or to rub up against them before quickly trotting away. She also frequently jumps up in Ben's lap for some love. She does not tolerate Max though. He is way too rambunctious and chases her.


Mom said...

Good pics of the kids and the evil Jasmine. That is a shock that she allows Cody to pick her up at all. She must be desperate for attention. Time spent with good friends is not only fun, but such a great stress reliever.

Kev said...

hahahh Oh yes! Jasmine so hated the sight of me! But now, I think she's either forgotten my torments or realized that I'm not so bad afterall!