Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going to the Alphabet

Today was Jasmine's annual visit to the vet. She is 14 years old now and last year the vet said she looked half her age from his exam. He kept asking me how old she was and what year she was born. Then when I took her record up to the desk, I noticed he had crossed out 1992 and put down 2002 as her date of birth. So this year, I am bringing her immunization record that has all of her shot records and weight checks from itty bitty kitty to ole sassy pants.

I picked Cody up from daycare and told him where we were going. I reminded him that he went with me once when Max went to the vet and got his puppy shots. A little while later he asks, "why does Jasmine have to go to the alphabet?" I said, "Alphabet? What are you talking about?" Cody: "Is Jasmine sick? Is she getting shots at the alphabet?" Me: "It's the vet, not the alphabet." Cody: "Oh." Me: "No, Jasmine isn't sick. She is going to the vet so the doctor can make sure she is healthy and she gets shots so she doesn't get sick." Cody: "Will they put that stick up Jasmine's butt at the alphabet, like they did to Max?" (Checking for worms when he was a puppy)

Got to the alphabet, I mean vet, and Cody was Mr. Social. "What is your cat's name?" "My cat's name is Jasmine" "My name is Cody." "I am 3 years old" "Yes, I like Spiderman. I like Spiderman 3. It has black spiderman and Venom and Sandman. Peter turns into black spiderman. Venom sticks his tongue out like this." "Can I pet your dog?" "How old is your kitty?" "I have a dog named Max and he likes to chase Jasmine." "Max likes to lick and bite and play with me." "Your dog licked me!" "When is it our turn?" "Is that your daughter?" "I like snow, do you like snow?" "Why is that dog barking back there?" "Are they going to call our name?"

Jasmine got checked out by a different vet this time. She said, "She's 14 years old?!?! She looks really good for her age." I whipped out my immunization record and told her the other vet thought she was half her age. She agreed. She examined her and said she looked great, not like most cats her age. She only had to get one shot because of her age. She said next year, if she is doing well she may not have to get any more shots. She said, "I wish we could all age as gracefully as she is."

Ben was estatic of course, when I told him about our backwards aging cat. (He was not a cat person when we got married and has always said he was counting down the days until she keels over). Of course, I find her curled up in his lap or see him reaching over to pet her all the time. But he'd deny it. Looks like we will have Miss Sassy Pants for several more years to come.


Kev said...

Oh you should have posted a pic of the evil one. Man oh man, that beast will outlive you guys at this point. Better get the Guiness Book of World records address and number prepared for "World's Oldest Cat".

Mom said...

Too funny! What an adventure! Thanks for sharing...