Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice Storm and Babies!

Ice Storm-For those viewers who live far away, we have had lots of ice, sleet, rain, and more ice for the past couple of days. It looks as if we live in a mystical ice city. There is at least 1/2 to one inch of ice covering everything. The trees and shrubs have an icy coating that looks beautiful and icicles are hanging from everything. Too bad it has made the roads so deadly and dangerous. Many people are also without electricity throughout the city. Because the trees are coated with layer after layer of ice, they are drooping and many have broken branches or fallen over from the weight. I will include pictures later that I took with my camera phone (once I figure out how to upload them to the computer). I would have taken pictures with my digital, but it is being used for a much better purpose at the moment-which is the 2nd part of my blog. Caleb's school was called off at lunchtime on Monday, then they were out today (Tuesday) and it has been called off for tomorrow too. He was so excited to be out!

Kelly Atnip had her baby Monday morning!!! I was up with her all night Sunday night while she was in labor. We went to the hospital around 2am and she delivered a beautiful baby boy at 6:31am. His name is Mason Tate and he has lots of dark hair, like Quinn. Kelly asked for me to be in the room with her, Mark, and her mom for labor and the delivery. She did awesome. When she got to the hospital, she was already 7 cm (you have to get to 10 cm to start pushing and deliver). The nurses working that night asked if I was now a doula, along with my many other roles here at the hospital. Kelly went totally natural, like I did with Cody. She did great even though she was having horrible back labor. I had back labor with Caleb and it is so much worse than regular contractions! When Mason finally decided he was ready to come, he zipped on out like a little fish and I delivered him! The doctor was even up the hallway and he didn't make it in time. One of our new nurses, Valerie took care of Kelly all night and she happened to be in the room when he delivered. She helped deliver him with me and did a great job. It was her first time to "catch a baby". I have delivered 6 or 7 at least in the past 11 years, but I never thought I would be delivering a friend's baby. It was so special! So now the girls in LDR are calling me a midwife too. I will include pictures of the sweet boy later, Kelly and Mark are borrowing my digital because their camera malfunctioned right after the delivery. Quinn and Kiersa are proud big brothers and sisters!

Ben brought Cody by on his way to work that morning and Cody was amazed that Mason was out of Kelly's belly. He loves babies and climbed up in her bed to get a closer look. Caleb hasn't seen him yet because he was in school on Monday, then the ice storm has limited our driving since then. He looks forward to meeting him when the Atnips come home on Wednesday.


Mom said...

That's so great that you were there for Kelly and were able to help her through her labor and delivery. Way to go girl! You two are really bonded for life now!
Mason is precious.

Kev said...

Wow! Midwife Randa! That's really cool!