Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's my Birthday!

It's my 35th Birthday! Can you believe it! Some of you have already said, "What you are 35!!!" I know you are in shock because I look so young and vivacious for my age. Hey...stop with the snickering! Kev asked if I felt older or was depressed about turning 35. Nope, no biggie. Just another day in the life of a working/school-going wife, daughter, sister, and mother of two rambunctious, abundant sport and extracurricular activity-participating boys. It's a shame that my life is so dull and quiet.
All kidding aside...I've had a really great week. I am still going to yoga on Tuesdays. It is so relaxing. We do a lot of stretching, some not too crazy poses (none of the heels to my ears yet), controlled breathing, and relaxation exercises. Today, I pampered myself a little more...I went for a facial. I received a free facial gift certificate in December and saved it for a special day. Oh my -what luxury! I have never had a facial before and it was heavenly! It was a full hour of facial massage, steaming washcloths, cleansers, lotions, scrubbing, and relaxation. I think I even dozed off for a little while...hope I didn't snore or drool. After my facial, I called my buds at work, Kyra and Suzanne, for lunch. They gave me much grief over my pampered life (yoga, facials, and such). Had sushi for dinner tonight with my best bud, Kelly, who is busting at the seams and ready to deliver at any moment. I have been on high alert for the phone call and was in high hopes for a delivery on my birthday. But little Mason has other plans. When I got home Ben surprised me with flowers, a mini birthday cake (so we don't pig out for days and gain 10 lbs), a tent canopy for camping, and some delicious teas.
This is a picture of Ben putting up the gigantic canopy in our living room. Silly boy! The boys thought that was great. Daddy quickly put it back in it's nifty little bag before flying little boy body missles or karate legs destroyed it.


The Hadfields said...

I meant to tell you Happy Birthday and never saw you!!! Hope it was a good one. Good job Ben!! :)

Mom said...

I like the tent canopy. That will come in handy this summer. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Glad we got to talk. It's good to pamper yourself sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Happy very late birthday, so sorry I missed it, but it sounds like Ben did well. It must be nice to live such a pampered life!