Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready for Spring

Today turned into a beautiful day! Got up in the low 60's. My daffodils are peaking their little heads out of the ground just waiting for a couple more warm days like this to open up their little faces. Looking forward to more days like this so the boys can go out and play. We are tired of being cooped up inside!

This weekend is Caleb's 6th birthday...hard to believe he is already 6! I took cupcakes to his kindergarten class this afternoon. He was so excited. Cody came with me and helped pass out napkins and cups to everyone. He was so proud to be a big helper.
We came home after Caleb's school was out and played outside. The boys put on their skates and scooted, stumbled, and shuffled up and down the driveway. They fell a couple of times, but no big wipe-outs. The pic of Cody on the ground is him being dramatic. He was mad because I wouldn't hold his hands and push him down the driveway anymore. It was starting to hurt my back, so I said he had to skate by himself now. He pretended to fall down and cry. I took pictures of him and teased him till he was giggling, then he jumped up and was off again.

Check out how big Max is getting! He is now 6 months old and is probably close to the size he will remain. He graduates from his obedience class tonight. I have been taking him to puppy school. He loves it! When he gets there, he has to socialize a bit and visit all his friends. Then he sits down and learns his commands and lessons for the night. He has done really well. Sit, stay, down, off, leave it, drop it, come, and many more. Of course, he still has a few things to work on that the boys have encouraged and made it hard for him to break. He still wants to play bite/nip at you because the boys play rough with him and encourage it, until he nips too hard, then they start crying. We also have to be careful with what we leave out at his level because he will chew it up. The boys have lost a couple of toys and he chewed up my silicone pot holder too. The majority of the time he is outside, but we bring him inside in the evening, especially since it has been so cold. When the weather warms up he can stay outside in the evening too. Another reason to look forward to warmer weather!


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