Monday, March 31, 2008

Bouncy houses and yellow lights

You have to be careful riding around in a car with a 3 year old and 6 year old, they watch everything you are doing. Just the other day, Cody saw that I ran a yellow light. "Oooh mama! You ran a yellow light! Now you are in bad shape!" I don't know what he meant that I was in bad shape, but it sounded cute. Caleb caught me running another one last week too and said "Mama! You aren't supposed to run yellow lights!" Not that I go running yellow lights all the time, but sometimes you come upon the light and it changes as you are approaching and you are going a little too fast to slam on the brakes. Great, now it sounds like I drive too fast!

Cody thinks he is such a big boy lately and has to tell everyone. "I'm a big boy, so I can do _______." (whatever the big boys are doing at the time) We have a new SportsPlex near our house. Very near, it is across the creek from Mark's property. Actually Ben and Mark have both talked about driving their 4-wheelers to it when the creek goes down. The "Dads" just started their new soccer season in its indoor soccer field. They will be playing once a week. The field is cool with nice indoor/outdoor carpet. Ben and Mark went to play a pick-up game of flag football on Sunday and had a great time. Kelly and I went with the kids to check out the facility. Besides the soccer field, there were several basketball courts, volleyball courts, work-out and weightlifting rooms. Best of all, there were 3 bouncy slides for the kids entertainment! Of course, we had to pay a minor fee. But for $3 a kid for 2 hours of jumping, bouncing, climbing, sliding entertainment, it was well worth it! The kids loved it and were worn out afterwards. They said it is $6 for the whole day (I guess if you are there for a tournament or something) and $3 after lunch for as long as you want. One of the slides is really tall, Cody and Kiersa ended up going down together and crash landing hurting Kiersa's neck. So we banned them from the big slide and said it was for big boys. Cody promptly told Kelly that he was a big boy. Kelly told him that it was only for 6 year olds or older. Cody was OK with that. The other 2 bounce arounds were the same. They had tunnels to climb through, a wall to climb, a steep but short slide, and then giant inflatable weeve pole kind of looking things to bob through. Anyway the kids, played until they were sweating and worn out. Got home, ate dinner, popped them in the bath, read a couple of books, and they were out! Sorry guys, no pictures. Would have been great if I'd had the camera. But didn't expect so much action at a sports complex. I'll be ready the next time we go.

Did I mention that Caleb started spring soccer? He has practice every Tuesday night and a game every Saturday. He is enjoying it. It's still a little cool to be playing though. This Saturday I worked and Ben said it was cold and sprinkling. Made for a miserable time at the game. Cody found fun in a little drainage ditch that he rolled in the whole game. Ben said it probably kept him warm. He is always drawn to every mudhole, puddle, pool of water, or pile of dirt that he can find! Thankfully my little mud-dobber was all cleaned up by the time I got home from work. Cody will start soccer for the first time mid April. We are anxious to see how he will do. He has been carted to every soccer, basketball, t-ball, and martial arts activity that Caleb has played in, so he is excited to do something himself. He is a big boy after all!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Beware of the Now and Later

I have a story to tell from last week. I didn't want to publish it with all the upbeat, fun Easter posts. During Caleb's Easter Egg hunt, I had to save a little boy's life. I did the Heimlich Maneuver on him. I've been CPR trained for years, but have never (thank goodness) ever had to actually do the Heimlich. I've initiated CPR on elderly people in the hospital, when I used to work in Med Surg. But they were very ill, with chronic medical problems and it was almost expected. I have never had to do anything on a healthy young person. Again thank goodness, give me some wood to knock on quick!

As I was saying, I was at the easter egg hunt and the kids from 2 Kindergarten classes had just found all the eggs. The children were able to eat the candy from 2 eggs and we were finishing up to go back inside. There were tons of kids, parents, teachers, and assistants milling around and the air was buzzing with excited chatter. We wanted to get the kids from Caleb's class all together for a photo. So we arranged them on the stairs and were working on getting them squished together. I had walked up to the top of the stairs to move a little girl down a step to even out a gap. I heard a teacher yell out, "If I see another person eating candy after we told you no more candy, then we will start pulling cards!" Pulling cards, for those of you who don't have little ones in grade school, is how they keep the kids behavior in check. They start out on green, then if they get in trouble their yellow card is pulled, then orange, blue, and purple. Blue and purple mean you are going to the principal.

I noticed the little black boy, next to the girl I was moving, quickly shoved some candy in his mouth. He is a little boy who gets in trouble quite a bit in class and has seen his share of blue and purple cards. So I am sure, he did not want to get caught after hearing the teachers say they were going to start pulling cards. It did not surprise me one bit that he was still sneaking candy after they had been told not to have anymore. All of a sudden I noticed he was trying to cough, which turned into gagging, then he wasn't breathing at all. I grabbed him and ran down the stairs, not wanting us to topple down because he was fighting me. He was scared and nothing was coming in or out. So I started doing the Heimlich on him. I thought it would immediately come out, but after a couple of thrusts it was still lodged and we were both feeling a little bit panicked, to say the least! Finally it came out! A big chunk of candy like a Now and Later was the culprit. It took him a little bit to breathe even after that, he kept gagging and spitting. Poor little thing sat down in shock. They took him immediately up to the office to be checked out. Several of the other parents said they were so glad that I had noticed him so quickly because no one else had seen what was going on until they saw what I was doing. Some said they had been certified in the past, but weren't sure if they would know what to do. When I left to go back to work, they were calling his mom and writing up an incident report. I talked to him a little bit to make sure he was OK. I told the office staff that I was a nurse, they were relieved because they just thought I was a parent who happened to be be at the wrong place at the right time. By the time I got to work, the adrenaline had worn off and I felt like jello. Thankfully, it was a short day and I didn't have any classes scheduled. I am just so thankful that God put me in that spot when it happened and that everything turned out well.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny

Well, the Easter Bunny visited the Peterson fam last night. He left lots of great goodies for the boys and even a basket of candy for Mama and Daddy to share!
The boys went to bed quickly last night because they didn't want the Easter Bunny to miss coming. Cody asked if the Easter Bunny was a real bunny or a Bunny Guy (like at the Easter Egg Hunt). I guess he could tell he wasn't real or at least knew he wasn't a real rabbit. I told him he was real. Then Caleb said, "So if we have a bunny hopping all over our house tonight, are we going to have bunny poop everywhere?" They both decided that it was of utmost importance for Mama to immediately go downstairs and put out some carrots for him in case he was hungry.
This afternoon, we had snow flurries and twice there was hail for a few minutes. Nothing stuck thank goodness. I think this is one of the coldest Easters in awhile.
I hope everyone reading had a Happy Easter too!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs Everywhere!

Spring has sprung at the Peterson house. Actually we have had daffodils bloomed for several weeks now. They were even peeking out with our last snow. Tough little guys. Took quite a beating with the downpours this week, but they looked lovely this afternoon.

Well the boys have had their share of egg hunts for this year. Caleb had one at school. Cody had one with his daycare class and then his preschool class. Then this morning they loaded up on tons of eggs at the Easter egg hunt at church. I will have to confiscate some of the candy and bring it to work. Because they will never eat that much and if they did, they would be in a sugar coma. Ben and I definitely don't want it either.

Cody wearing bunny ears at his preschool party.

Caleb's Kindergarten Easter Party. It was a beautiful day for his egg hunt, in the 60's.

Caleb and Cody in the bouncy house at the church egg hunt. Bouncing was a big hit. I think it kept all the kids warm.

Cody and Caleb grabbing eggs as fast as they can. Both ended up with overflowing baskets. Cold, 40's today and windy, but we still had several kiddos that braved it.

Comparing loot with Kiersa.

Cody was very excited to see the perpetually happy Easter Bunny at the egg hunt. He gave him a big hug.

More pretty daffodils at the Peterson abode.
The last, but not least picture...Cody came into the bathroom the other night, while I was getting Caleb out of the tub. This is what he looked like, saying his typical, "Caleb, look at me!" He is such a little clown. If you can't tell what it is, it is a toy stethescope.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snakes, snakes, everywhere!

Caleb went to the coolest birthday party this weekend. A friend in his class, Graham, invited him to his birthday party. Graham is facinated by reptiles. He loves any kind of snake, lizard, turtle, etc. Does this sound like someone else we know??? (Uncle KK) For Graham's birthday he had a reptile party. They actually had a guy from a reptile shop up close to Cincinnati come to the party with his reptiles and amphibians. It was so much fun for the kids! He had lizards, turtles, and snakes. As well as others like a baby alligator that was only about 6 inches long and then one that was 4 years old, a tarantula (weebie geebies), a giant millipede that was about 6 inches long, a Madagascar spitting cockroach that was about 3 inches long (more weebie geebies)! He had lots of different snakes, from baby ones, to 9 foot long pythons. The kids got to touch most of the reptiles. His friend Graham got to hold a lot of them and walk around to the kids, so they could see and touch them. The guy was really interactive with the kids and joked around alot with them. He was very informative, explaining what each animal eats, how big they get, why they are or aren't a good pet, and dispelling myths. Sorry my pictures aren't the best, I didn't bring my camera and got the shots from my cell phone. At the end of the demonstration, the kids got to go up front and hold a snake around their neck if they wanted. Caleb has a yellow python that is about 6 months old in the picture above.

Here is an African Boxturtle. They can grow to the size of a semi-truck tire. This one is 13 years old. Caleb is front and center in the red and gray shirt.

This was the 4 year old alligator.
Kevin, you would have loved it! This would have been the birthday party of your dreams!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I love Dr Suess

Students at Clark Elementary School participated in an essay contest, "Why I Love Dr. Seuss books..." The contest was held in conjunction with all the other activities for Read Across America week.

Caleb decided he wanted to participate in the contest. He has only been writing 2 or 3 words together, so this was a big challenge for him. He told me what he wanted to say and I wrote it down so he wouldn't forget and so he could see how to spell the words. It took him 2 nights to write it because his hand started hurting and he wanted to take a break. But he was determined to finish it and I was very proud of him.
Caleb was chosen as the winner out of all the Kindergarteners. He won a $10 gift card to the movie theater to see the new Dr. Suess movie, "Horton Hears a Who!"
The winners pictured are front row Samantha Riffe, 2nd grade; Caleb Peterson, Kindergarten. Back row: Jonathan Sullivan, 1st grade; Isaac Humphrey, 3rd grade; Claudia Wright, 5th grade; and Brennah Perry, 4th grade.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tuckered Out

Cody looks like I feel. I took this picture of him this morning, he had a rough weekend too. It's a little hard to tell, but he is hanging off the air mattress with his head on the floor.

Here it is Sunday night and I feel like I have gotten anything done this weekend. But we sure had fun. Busy, busy, busy! It seems like every weekend is like this anymore! I don't know how I am managing to keep up with school with everything else we have going on. Thank goodness I only have until July, then I am finished! Here are our daily activities: working 4-5 days a week, me taking 2 online classes, Caleb's martial arts 5 days a week, Caleb's sports practice once a week/game once a week (just finished basketball this week, started soccer last week), Caleb's school activities, Ben's soccer games once a week, and Cody was taking gymnastics, he is now taking a break until he starts his first ever sport-soccer in April. Not to mention church activities and things planned with friends. Not that we don't enjoy all those things, well maybe not my school, but we stay so busy that I hardly have time for day-to-day activities that need to get done like laundry, cleaning the house, cooking, etc. It's go, go, go!

Max loves to steal Cody's mittens! It makes Cody so mad!

We got some snow Friday evening/night. Accumulated about 2-3 inches, they were calling for 6-10 inches for us but it missed us as usual. We have only had one big snow in the 8 years we have lived here. Every single time, they call for tons of snow, people flock to Wal-mart like it is the last shopping spree of their life, then we end up having a dusting or a little bit that quickly melts by lunchtime. Anyway, we got enough snow for the boys to play in Saturday morning. We told them to hurry up, get dressed, and eat breakfast, so they could get out and play in it before it melted. Sure enough, by late afternoon, it was turning into sloppy wet slush. But they got to have some fun before it was gone.

My little angels!

Who snickered at that!

Ben pulling the boys in a sled behind the 4-wheeler. He is in the backyard and yes, he drove carefully and slowly. Notice Max jumping over the boys on the sled. He had fun chasing them.

Saturday afternoon, I went to a fabulous bridal shower for a lady at church. Where we were spoiled with chocolate fondue strawberries, cheeses, grapes, quiches, and mimosas. Just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, Erin Gottman whipped up Bananas Foster dessert. Oh my goodness, that stuff was heavenly! We were all wanting to lick the bowl to get every drop because it was so good! Not to mention, it was cool to watch her make it. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter in a skillet (smelled so good), tossing in bananas, then she had another skillet that she put alcohol in Rum or Brandy and set it on fire! She poured the flaming alcohol over the syrupy mixture. Served it over vanilla icecream. You have got to try some right away!

Arrived home from girl time with just an hour to spare before heading off to the Caleb/Quinn birthday event. Caleb and his buddy Quinn shared a birthday party this year. Their birthdays are a week apart and since Kelly was ripe with child as we were planning birthday festivities, we decided to just do it together. They chose to have it at the gymnastics center. The new hot birthday party place in town. It is no fuss, no set-up, or clean-up for the adults. We just show up with kids, cupcakes, and drinks. They had a blast! Besides the gymnastics equipment (several in-floor trampolines, rings, bars, balance beams, foam pit), they also had two huge inflatables that the kids could climb and slide on.

Caleb and Adam

The kids loved the foam pit. You can toss them, sink down under them, jump into them, or just wiggle around in them.

Caleb and his buddys giggling over a funny card.

After the party, we invited the Petitt's to come back to our house for dinner and to hang out. Adam and Andrew spent the night. They stayed up till 10 or 10:30pm, then they were sacked out! I know they had to be tired because they played hard all day long! The Peterson's and Petitt's had a marathon game of Mexican Dominoes that lasted till about 1:30am!

Time change this weekend, Spring Forward. Thank goodness! I am so glad to see daylight longer at night and to know Spring is around the corner.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Boy

Caleb moved on to green belt this weekend in Tae Kwon Do. Grandmom, Memaw, Pepaw, and Uncle Kevin all came to watch his belt testing.

Caleb, Quinn, and Reese waiting for their turn.

Awesome kick Caleb!

Instructor Christy tying Caleb's new green belt around his waist.

Cody loves little Mason (Kelly's new baby). Mason slept right through the martial art festivities. It helped that Pepaw held him (babies always seem to fall right to sleep in Pepaw's arms).

It is Caleb's 6th birthday! It is hard to believe that 6 years have already gone by! Why is it that when you are a child the years seem to go by so slowly? Just remember how long time seemed to go by when you were in elementary school. It seemed like it took forever to finally get to 16 and get a driver's license. Now that we are older and working, time flies by! It seems every time you blink another year has gone by. Now my oldest is 6 years old; it seems like yesterday, he was just a baby! Here are some pictures of Caleb's birthday.

Uncle KK got Caleb lego Star Wars. Caleb's first set of big boy legos (the ones with tiny pieces). I don't know who was having more fun putting them together, Kevin or Caleb. Kevin has been waiting for the day for Caleb to be old enough to play with legos, because he was a lego freak when he was little. He has saved a lot of his old lego sets to pass down to the boys.

Cody is working on a giant floor puzzle with the help of Grandmom, Memaw, and Mama. It was a fun 2-sided puzzle that Grandmom got Caleb for his birthday. Cody was so proud that he put it together. You can tell the big people had fun helping.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous (notice Caleb wearing shorts and short sleeves!) The boys played outside and we are all so ready for Spring weather. Caleb brushed up on riding his bike with no training wheels. He had started learning last fall, then it got too cold. He hopped on and did pretty well. Needed help with turning and still is nervous about riding on the driveway...he wants to ride only in the grass. Which I think is harder with all the bumps, sticks, and roots. But I guess if he can get that down, then riding on pavement will be a breeze. He has much better balance than he did last fall. I think the Tae Kwon Do all winter has improved that greatly!

We went to the park with the boys this morning before Grandmom and Uncle KK left. Caleb decided he wanted to eat Mexican for his birthday lunch, so we went to Casa Mexicana. All he and Cody wanted to eat were chips and queso dip.

Then this afternoon, we went for a 4-wheeler ride on the Atnip's property. We went by their house for a visit to let the kids play outside more before going back home. It was a great weekend. We were thankful that our family got to come visit and Caleb was so excited that they got to watch his belt testing.