Friday, March 28, 2008

Beware of the Now and Later

I have a story to tell from last week. I didn't want to publish it with all the upbeat, fun Easter posts. During Caleb's Easter Egg hunt, I had to save a little boy's life. I did the Heimlich Maneuver on him. I've been CPR trained for years, but have never (thank goodness) ever had to actually do the Heimlich. I've initiated CPR on elderly people in the hospital, when I used to work in Med Surg. But they were very ill, with chronic medical problems and it was almost expected. I have never had to do anything on a healthy young person. Again thank goodness, give me some wood to knock on quick!

As I was saying, I was at the easter egg hunt and the kids from 2 Kindergarten classes had just found all the eggs. The children were able to eat the candy from 2 eggs and we were finishing up to go back inside. There were tons of kids, parents, teachers, and assistants milling around and the air was buzzing with excited chatter. We wanted to get the kids from Caleb's class all together for a photo. So we arranged them on the stairs and were working on getting them squished together. I had walked up to the top of the stairs to move a little girl down a step to even out a gap. I heard a teacher yell out, "If I see another person eating candy after we told you no more candy, then we will start pulling cards!" Pulling cards, for those of you who don't have little ones in grade school, is how they keep the kids behavior in check. They start out on green, then if they get in trouble their yellow card is pulled, then orange, blue, and purple. Blue and purple mean you are going to the principal.

I noticed the little black boy, next to the girl I was moving, quickly shoved some candy in his mouth. He is a little boy who gets in trouble quite a bit in class and has seen his share of blue and purple cards. So I am sure, he did not want to get caught after hearing the teachers say they were going to start pulling cards. It did not surprise me one bit that he was still sneaking candy after they had been told not to have anymore. All of a sudden I noticed he was trying to cough, which turned into gagging, then he wasn't breathing at all. I grabbed him and ran down the stairs, not wanting us to topple down because he was fighting me. He was scared and nothing was coming in or out. So I started doing the Heimlich on him. I thought it would immediately come out, but after a couple of thrusts it was still lodged and we were both feeling a little bit panicked, to say the least! Finally it came out! A big chunk of candy like a Now and Later was the culprit. It took him a little bit to breathe even after that, he kept gagging and spitting. Poor little thing sat down in shock. They took him immediately up to the office to be checked out. Several of the other parents said they were so glad that I had noticed him so quickly because no one else had seen what was going on until they saw what I was doing. Some said they had been certified in the past, but weren't sure if they would know what to do. When I left to go back to work, they were calling his mom and writing up an incident report. I talked to him a little bit to make sure he was OK. I told the office staff that I was a nurse, they were relieved because they just thought I was a parent who happened to be be at the wrong place at the right time. By the time I got to work, the adrenaline had worn off and I felt like jello. Thankfully, it was a short day and I didn't have any classes scheduled. I am just so thankful that God put me in that spot when it happened and that everything turned out well.


Kev said...

So has Rescue 911 called yet for a dramatized reenactment of the whole incident? Miranda, the hero.

Dad said...

You have always been my little hero, I am so proud of you. God did put you there for a reason that day.

The Hadfields said...

Wow Miranda!! How scary! Guess you won't be letting your kids eat that kind of candy any time soon, huh?!?