Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Boy

Caleb moved on to green belt this weekend in Tae Kwon Do. Grandmom, Memaw, Pepaw, and Uncle Kevin all came to watch his belt testing.

Caleb, Quinn, and Reese waiting for their turn.

Awesome kick Caleb!

Instructor Christy tying Caleb's new green belt around his waist.

Cody loves little Mason (Kelly's new baby). Mason slept right through the martial art festivities. It helped that Pepaw held him (babies always seem to fall right to sleep in Pepaw's arms).

It is Caleb's 6th birthday! It is hard to believe that 6 years have already gone by! Why is it that when you are a child the years seem to go by so slowly? Just remember how long time seemed to go by when you were in elementary school. It seemed like it took forever to finally get to 16 and get a driver's license. Now that we are older and working, time flies by! It seems every time you blink another year has gone by. Now my oldest is 6 years old; it seems like yesterday, he was just a baby! Here are some pictures of Caleb's birthday.

Uncle KK got Caleb lego Star Wars. Caleb's first set of big boy legos (the ones with tiny pieces). I don't know who was having more fun putting them together, Kevin or Caleb. Kevin has been waiting for the day for Caleb to be old enough to play with legos, because he was a lego freak when he was little. He has saved a lot of his old lego sets to pass down to the boys.

Cody is working on a giant floor puzzle with the help of Grandmom, Memaw, and Mama. It was a fun 2-sided puzzle that Grandmom got Caleb for his birthday. Cody was so proud that he put it together. You can tell the big people had fun helping.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous (notice Caleb wearing shorts and short sleeves!) The boys played outside and we are all so ready for Spring weather. Caleb brushed up on riding his bike with no training wheels. He had started learning last fall, then it got too cold. He hopped on and did pretty well. Needed help with turning and still is nervous about riding on the driveway...he wants to ride only in the grass. Which I think is harder with all the bumps, sticks, and roots. But I guess if he can get that down, then riding on pavement will be a breeze. He has much better balance than he did last fall. I think the Tae Kwon Do all winter has improved that greatly!

We went to the park with the boys this morning before Grandmom and Uncle KK left. Caleb decided he wanted to eat Mexican for his birthday lunch, so we went to Casa Mexicana. All he and Cody wanted to eat were chips and queso dip.

Then this afternoon, we went for a 4-wheeler ride on the Atnip's property. We went by their house for a visit to let the kids play outside more before going back home. It was a great weekend. We were thankful that our family got to come visit and Caleb was so excited that they got to watch his belt testing.


Mom said...

It was a great weekend. Enjoyed our visit and the boys had such good fun. It's always good to get together with family.

Kev said...

Sounds like you all had some fun after we left this weekend! Sucks we couldn't stay longer! I love my visits to Paducah!

Kev said...

Sounds like you all had some fun after we left this weekend! Sucks we couldn't stay longer! I love my visits to Paducah!

Dad said...

Sucks, No this "sucks' looking at all the great fun you all had. Guess I'll just have to live with it. Great weekend for you all, Sounds like Caleb had a great B'Day