Monday, March 31, 2008

Bouncy houses and yellow lights

You have to be careful riding around in a car with a 3 year old and 6 year old, they watch everything you are doing. Just the other day, Cody saw that I ran a yellow light. "Oooh mama! You ran a yellow light! Now you are in bad shape!" I don't know what he meant that I was in bad shape, but it sounded cute. Caleb caught me running another one last week too and said "Mama! You aren't supposed to run yellow lights!" Not that I go running yellow lights all the time, but sometimes you come upon the light and it changes as you are approaching and you are going a little too fast to slam on the brakes. Great, now it sounds like I drive too fast!

Cody thinks he is such a big boy lately and has to tell everyone. "I'm a big boy, so I can do _______." (whatever the big boys are doing at the time) We have a new SportsPlex near our house. Very near, it is across the creek from Mark's property. Actually Ben and Mark have both talked about driving their 4-wheelers to it when the creek goes down. The "Dads" just started their new soccer season in its indoor soccer field. They will be playing once a week. The field is cool with nice indoor/outdoor carpet. Ben and Mark went to play a pick-up game of flag football on Sunday and had a great time. Kelly and I went with the kids to check out the facility. Besides the soccer field, there were several basketball courts, volleyball courts, work-out and weightlifting rooms. Best of all, there were 3 bouncy slides for the kids entertainment! Of course, we had to pay a minor fee. But for $3 a kid for 2 hours of jumping, bouncing, climbing, sliding entertainment, it was well worth it! The kids loved it and were worn out afterwards. They said it is $6 for the whole day (I guess if you are there for a tournament or something) and $3 after lunch for as long as you want. One of the slides is really tall, Cody and Kiersa ended up going down together and crash landing hurting Kiersa's neck. So we banned them from the big slide and said it was for big boys. Cody promptly told Kelly that he was a big boy. Kelly told him that it was only for 6 year olds or older. Cody was OK with that. The other 2 bounce arounds were the same. They had tunnels to climb through, a wall to climb, a steep but short slide, and then giant inflatable weeve pole kind of looking things to bob through. Anyway the kids, played until they were sweating and worn out. Got home, ate dinner, popped them in the bath, read a couple of books, and they were out! Sorry guys, no pictures. Would have been great if I'd had the camera. But didn't expect so much action at a sports complex. I'll be ready the next time we go.

Did I mention that Caleb started spring soccer? He has practice every Tuesday night and a game every Saturday. He is enjoying it. It's still a little cool to be playing though. This Saturday I worked and Ben said it was cold and sprinkling. Made for a miserable time at the game. Cody found fun in a little drainage ditch that he rolled in the whole game. Ben said it probably kept him warm. He is always drawn to every mudhole, puddle, pool of water, or pile of dirt that he can find! Thankfully my little mud-dobber was all cleaned up by the time I got home from work. Cody will start soccer for the first time mid April. We are anxious to see how he will do. He has been carted to every soccer, basketball, t-ball, and martial arts activity that Caleb has played in, so he is excited to do something himself. He is a big boy after all!

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Kev said...

Ooh you are in bad shape for runnin those lights young lady! haha Their so funny! You guys need to come to BG sometime and visit!