Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny

Well, the Easter Bunny visited the Peterson fam last night. He left lots of great goodies for the boys and even a basket of candy for Mama and Daddy to share!
The boys went to bed quickly last night because they didn't want the Easter Bunny to miss coming. Cody asked if the Easter Bunny was a real bunny or a Bunny Guy (like at the Easter Egg Hunt). I guess he could tell he wasn't real or at least knew he wasn't a real rabbit. I told him he was real. Then Caleb said, "So if we have a bunny hopping all over our house tonight, are we going to have bunny poop everywhere?" They both decided that it was of utmost importance for Mama to immediately go downstairs and put out some carrots for him in case he was hungry.
This afternoon, we had snow flurries and twice there was hail for a few minutes. Nothing stuck thank goodness. I think this is one of the coldest Easters in awhile.
I hope everyone reading had a Happy Easter too!


The Hadfields said...

Looks like fun!! Happy Easter!!

Kev said...

those boys look half asleep there!