Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs Everywhere!

Spring has sprung at the Peterson house. Actually we have had daffodils bloomed for several weeks now. They were even peeking out with our last snow. Tough little guys. Took quite a beating with the downpours this week, but they looked lovely this afternoon.

Well the boys have had their share of egg hunts for this year. Caleb had one at school. Cody had one with his daycare class and then his preschool class. Then this morning they loaded up on tons of eggs at the Easter egg hunt at church. I will have to confiscate some of the candy and bring it to work. Because they will never eat that much and if they did, they would be in a sugar coma. Ben and I definitely don't want it either.

Cody wearing bunny ears at his preschool party.

Caleb's Kindergarten Easter Party. It was a beautiful day for his egg hunt, in the 60's.

Caleb and Cody in the bouncy house at the church egg hunt. Bouncing was a big hit. I think it kept all the kids warm.

Cody and Caleb grabbing eggs as fast as they can. Both ended up with overflowing baskets. Cold, 40's today and windy, but we still had several kiddos that braved it.

Comparing loot with Kiersa.

Cody was very excited to see the perpetually happy Easter Bunny at the egg hunt. He gave him a big hug.

More pretty daffodils at the Peterson abode.
The last, but not least picture...Cody came into the bathroom the other night, while I was getting Caleb out of the tub. This is what he looked like, saying his typical, "Caleb, look at me!" He is such a little clown. If you can't tell what it is, it is a toy stethescope.

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Kev said...

oh, glad they had a good weekend! It's been cold! It actually was snow flurrying on my way back from Henderson today! YIKES!