Monday, April 21, 2008

Cody can finally play sports!

Look at the walruses!

On Saturday, we went to Hananoki to celebrate 2 things. Kelly's sister Micky got a job and starts next week. This is her first interview and job since she moved to Paducah last year. The other celebration was Kelly and Mark bought a new house. It is downtown on Fountain Ave. We are excited for them. They are downsizing majorly, but the house is a really cool older two story home. They used to live downtown and have missed living in the area. The only bad part is that they will be farther from us! :(
The boys have it already planned out that we will move downtown too and that it has to be close enough for them to walk or ride bikes to each others houses.
Sorry about the eyes closed with Micky, but Ben tried taking several pictures and she blinked every time.

Cody has been waiting for this moment for a long time! He is finally old enough to play a sport! He has waited and sat along the sidelines of plenty of Caleb's sporting events (soccer, t-ball, basketball, TaeKwonDo) and has cried, begged, snuck onto fields wanting to play so badly. Now it is finally his turn. He has been so excited. He will have soccer on Sundays from 2p-4p for the next 6 weeks. At his first practice he was so cute in his little soccer outfit and shin guards. He ran around kicking that soccer ball. Of course he also did cartwheels, flips, and rolled in the grass a lot. He is just so full of energy. All of the little kids on his team were so funny to watch. They would kick the ball into the net, then run straight into the net and climb around or crawl through it to the other side. This season is with the Parks Dept and they have teenage soccer kids coach the teams. Cody's coach did a pretty good job of keeping their interest and corraling them when they got distracted playing with the cones or the net.

We were excited to find out that Cody ended up on the same team as our friends, the Kahre's, Ayden and Eli. They will have a blast together the next few weeks.

At one point, we looked across the field and noticed Cody in this pose. He stayed like this for several minutes. Don't you wish you could do this? Ben said he might try at his next soccer game.

After soccer, we headed to a birthday party of one of Caleb's friends from school. It was a skating party. Caleb is getting much better at skating, still fell about every 10 minutes, but no major injuries. I brought Cody's beginner skates with the locks on the wheels, so his feet don't fly out from under him. He had a lot of fun too.

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Kev said...

Looks like you all have had a busy week! I miss them already!