Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake hits the Midwest!

Did you feel the Earthquake early this morning? I am sure you did if you live in the Midwest. It was 5.2 magnitude, with the epicenter near West Salem, Illinois. What did you think when you felt it? It started quaking around 4:33am and we were sleeping of course. When it first started to tremor, I thought it was Jasmine locked in a room or closet. She does that a couple times a month and wakes me up in the middle of the night rattling a door. She stands up on her hind legs and paws at the door, which makes it rattle and we hear her padding. So I get up in a stuper and search to find which room or closet she is in to let her race out to the litter box or water bowl. So this morning when I heard the first of the tremoring, the doors were rattling and I thought in a stuper, "Stupid cat! She's done it again!" Then I felt the bed shaking and I thought Ben was nudging me to go get the cat. I then realized the vibrating of the bed was not Ben and he woke up and said, "We're having an earthquake," as I was coming to the same realization. It lasted around 20 seconds or more, easing back down to just the doors and windows rattling. Pretty wild!

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Kev said...

Guess the "Big One" didn't happen while I was away in Gatlinburg, huh?