Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun with family and turkeys!

This weekend we went to Henderson to see Mom, Bill, and Kevin. It was the weekend before KK's birthday, so we celebrated early.

Their cousin, Paige came over for a little while to play. They had fun jumping on the trampoline and running all over the house like little maniacs.

We had planned on a camping trip at the lake this weekend, but when the forecast took a turn for wintery weather, we quickly changed our plans. Good thing we did, it ended up being 40's all weekend with lows in the 30's!

Notice Mom's lovely cherry tree. It was in full bloom and was gorgeous.

Saturday we got stir crazy, so Mom, Kevin, me, and the boys went to Audubon Park to hike and let the boys run around outside. Ben and Bill had gotten up early in the morning to go turkey hunting. It was opening weekend.

I love the old tower of the John James Audubon Museum. The boys wanted to climb up there so bad.

We went hiking in the park and there were lots of flower blooming along the trail.

Cody is checking out some Blue Bells.

My little monkey found a vine to swing on.

Mayapples covered the forest floor in this section of the park.

Then we went down to the Riverfront downtown to see how high the Ohio River had gotten. There is a nice playground there, so the boys played for a few minutes. It was bitterly cold and blustery there. The wind was blowing off the river and we decided we'd had enough and packed the kids back into the car.

Shortly after we arrived back at Mom's, Ben and Bill got back home from turkey hunting. Ben had shot his first turkey. He was so excited and so were the boys!

Caleb wanted to see how heavy the turkey was.
Cody thought it was so cool and had to watch Daddy field dress the turkey too. He had fun running around the yard with turkey feathers and the turkey claw. Looks like we will be having a turkey dinner sometime soon!


Kev said...

Fun times! Can't wait for June!

The Hadfields said...

What a fun trip home. It's kind of special to live away from your parents b/c the kids love the road trips to see their grandparents. :)