Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Spring!

The boys went out and picked some flowers for their Mama today. (Usually it is dandelions). Then Caleb said he needed to make a note to place beside the vases. Too sweet!

Got my haircut this weekend. How do you like the new do? It is pretty short, but you know how quick my hair grows. It was getting so long and on my nerves. I was ready for a new do. They straightened it out at the salon (took them 30 min), but my hair is so wavy that there is no way I can do that every day.

Aren't they precious when they sleep.

Don't you just love lightening ball lamps! Check out the one the boy's use as a nightlight. I thought I would see how it turned out when I took a picture of it. Cool, huh!

Yes, I was a bit bored this weekend with Ben off fishing with Paul! I studied for my exam, played outside with the boys, took the dog for a long walk, cleaned the house, did laundry and dishes, and took crazy photos like the ones above. He had fun and they caught several fish. We had a nice crappie dinner tonight. Mmmm, good! That is crappie the fish, not crappy like the dinner was bad, for you non-fish entrepreneurs.

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Kev said...

Cool "dark" pics! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Your short hair reminds me when you got it cut like that back in high school or whenever that last time was. Cute the boys picked those flowers for you. I used to always do that for Mom. Course, I think she would have killed me if I picked her own. They had to be wild! hahaah Tell Ben I want to go fishing with him someday since he never invites me. hahaha