Friday, April 4, 2008

New Camera!

I decided to use my birthday money (thanks mom, dad, Kev, D&D!) to buy a smaller digital camera. One that I can stick in my purse or back pocket to bring to the kid's games and activities. My other camera is wonderful, but big and bulky. I don't bring it out of the house alot, unless we are on vacation. I'll still use it for parties and vacations, but this one is great to have around for those spur of the moment occasions. Got the idea from my friend at work, Amy, she doesn't miss a picture of her little girl because she can carries her camera everywhere she goes then we get to see the great pics on her blog.

Ben calls me Blog Mama now. So next are some pics from Ben's soccer game at the new SportsPlex on Thursday.
I call this one Gangsta Cody! All around the indoor soccer arena are video games and win the cheapo stuffed animal or junk prize machines. The kids got absolutely no money to play these, but were still entertained for an hour by pretending to play and hiding around them. Caleb was there playing too, but he was busy running back and forth playing tag.

The last one of Cody is where he squished back behind two of the machines.

Haven't had any recent pics of Max...

Wanna play?


Kev said...

Ooh good choice, Cybershots are great! That pose that Cody is doing is hilarious, did you show him how to pose, or had he seen that pose before? Make sure they don't get electrocuted playing behind those machines! I miss them! Wish the gas wasn't so high or I'd come visit! I gotta save my money for the Florida trip!

The Hadfields said...

I am so behind on reading blogs!! I am so glad you got the Sony camera. I think you'll love it!!