Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soccer Saturday

I just realized I forgot to post the pics of Soccer Dad from the Thursday game. I posted all of Cody. But he was such a cute little ham, that I couldn't resist. Kevin asked how I got him to pose for that Gangsta picture. He did that all by himself when he saw that I had the camera out. Don't know where he learned that or saw it, no telling.

This one is an action shot, I know it is blurred. But thought it still looked cool. I'll have to see if the new camera has an action feature.

Here are some pictures of Caleb's soccer game this morning. The field was so wet and muddy. Some of the boys were muddy from head to toe, if they fell or slid. Caleb and Quinn came out of it fairly clean. Cody and Kiersa on the other hand splashed and jumped in mud puddles the whole time. They both had rain boots on, but their pants were soaking wet. When Cody got home he poured water out of his boots! I know his little tootsies had to be freezing! At least it didn't rain anymore today and the sun was out!

Caleb is the one wearing the red hat.

Here is my little mud monkey!

Christy Petitt brought Adam and Andrew out to the ball field to watch Caleb, then go out to lunch with us. The men are out fishing at the lake for the weekend. So once the game was over we had to go back to my house to change the Peterson's out of their wet clothes. Some how the Petitt's stayed dry and clean. We couldn't keep Cody and Kiersa out of the puddles and mud holes. Too tempting with the ground sopping wet all around us. Anyway, after eating lunch, Christy packed the boys up and took them all to her house! I have a big exam on Monday, so I am going to get some major studying done without interruption. This is the last exam in my Research class...thank goodness! We are finished with all of our projects and papers in that class as well, so now I just have to concentrate on a couple more assignments in my other class. These classes end the first week of May. My last class begins right after that in May and goes through June. Then I will graduate! Yay! I am so ready for school to be over!

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