Sunday, April 27, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Well we made it here to Sin City. This is one bizarre city indeed. It is amazing, unbelievable, gorgeous, flashy, revolting, dirty, rich, and mind boggling all rolled into one crazy city. There are so many things to look at and see when you walk down the streets that it is overwhelming. Some of the casinos and hotels are just so glitzy and glamorous, then there are others that are cool. We are staying at Ballys. It is really nice, but not outstanding. It is an awesome location though and connected to Paris, which is gorgeous. I love the wonderful restaurants, shoppes, and decor there.

A stained glass ceiling in Paris.

Here is a fabulous berry crepe that I had for breakfast yesterday! Mmmm!

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We explored the strip a little bit in the morning. That afternoon we went on a beautiful tour of Red Rock Canyon.

This is Calico Mountain. Our tour guide brought us to an area to hike and climb around a little bit. Ben and I hiked all the way down into the bottom of the canyon and climbed around some on rocks. It kind of reminded me of climbing on the rocks at Garden of the Gods, only you are surrounded by mountains. Looking over the edge takes your breath away, but the view is outstanding. Would have made us a nervous wreck to have the boys there! We saw some families with their small children and I was nervous watching them. The mountains were red, gray, and white from all the years of change and oxidation. The air was so fresh and light. It was gorgeous.

Some beauty in the desert...blooming cactus and desert flowers.

Last night we went to a Cirque de Soleil show called Mystere. It was fantastic. Full of acrobatics, strength and endurance, comedy, and amazing acts. Walking through the streets at night is quite different than during the day. There are certainly no rules here...people walking down the street with alcohol and scantly dressed girls with cleavage everywhere.

Here is a shot of the strip looking at MGM Grand and New York, New York. The lions at MGM Grand were nawing on rawhides while tourists viewed from underneath the tunnel. Caleb and Cody would have loved watching them.

I forget where we saw this unusual pretty chandelier made from flower print umbrellas.

Today was a long conference day for Ben. I have been exploring a little bit and shopping. We have some tours planned for later in the week to Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam around Ben's busy schedule. Can't wait for those!


The Hadfields said...

How fun!! We saw Mystere when we were in Vegas and it was awesome!! They were building the Paris casino when we were there. Have fun on the rest of your kid free vacation!!

Dad said...

You all are beginning to be well traveled, Is across the water the next treck. Know you had great fun. Someday I hope to get out West. Maybe when I retire