Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blue belt

Caleb graduated from green belt to blue belt today in Tae Kwon Do. Here he is leading the TKD pledge. It was fun to watch him with his sparring gear and commas this time. He was so excited. He will be taking a break from TKD this summer because of sports camps, t-ball, swimming, vacation bible school, etc that he will be doing instead. Then he will start back when school begins again in the fall.

Sparring gear. Watch out!

Encouraging words from Instructor Jason as he receives his new belt.

After the belt graduation, the boys went with me to Noble Park for March of Dimes -March for Babies walk. The boys walked with me and didn't complain too much about their legs getting tired. Although, I did have to pack Cody on my hip for a few minutes to let his tiny little legs rest. They heard that there was Dippin' Dots back at the tent, so they made it back pretty swiftly. After scarfing down chips and a hot dog, they were finally in heaven with their Dippin' Dots. Glad it turned out to be a pretty day for the walk. Our t-shirts for Western Baptist turned out pretty cute this year. I wanted to integrate Western Baptist's prematurity initiative program "Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait" on our shirts this year. Our chairman for WBH, Missy used a combination of my idea of a sporty shirt with the number 08 on the back for 2008 and her daughter's idea of using baby blocks.

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Kev said...

Congrats to Caleb! Missed you this weekend!