Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Caleb's school calls it Spring Sports Day. Where I grew up it was called Field Day. Either way, I think my brother will agree with me that it was a day that we dreaded. Neither Kevin, nor I were ever, or ever will be for that matter, athletic in the least. So that was a day, where we came in last during the races and relays, long jumps, ball tosses, and sack races. Not that we didn't try hard. We would run our little bitty legs off or leap as far as we could. But we were both short, little scrawny things and it would never be fast or far enough. OK, enough of the pity party for my lost sports break in life. I have come to terms a long time ago that I would never be considered for the Olympics or Minor Leagues. But now, it looks like my oldest son is taking after his mother's wonderful athletic ability.

Here are some cute pictures of Caleb during his Sports Day.
I love this picture of Caleb getting ready for the race. His little legs ran as fast as he could and reminded me of the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner.

Here he is before the sack race. His sack was huge and he was hopping like a little kangaroo, actually doing pretty well. Until he fell down. He got tripped up in the sack and couldn't get up and kept falling. He finally made it to the finish line behind everyone else.

Notice the blue ribbon on Caleb's chest. It was the only ribbon he got, but he was so proud that his team won the tug of war and he got a first place ribbon.
He had a fun day though and did his best. That is all that matters. Not everyone can be Roadrunner.


Kev said...

Thanks for sharing with everybody how horribly unathletic I am. haha kidding. I totally admit it! You and I were never gifted in that realm. Thank God for smarts, like Caleb!

Dad said...

Oh yes I remember well my little Miranda and the Brownnies races. My darling little(tiny) daughter running her heart out one time around the track, and after everyone else had passed here comes my little girl with her tiny legs just a pumping rounding the last curve on the track. But, she did finish and I was so proud of her. And Kevin and his T-ball days

Jim Peterson said...

Teaching them to finish a race is more important than actually winning, as it ingrains that achieving the goal is more important than being the best in the world at it. Field days were always the most anticipated days when I was growing up. Congrats to your little ones! And, glad to hear y'all had a great time on your trip!!