Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet our newest baby!

This past week we adopted a new pup from a military family that were being transferred to Germany. They were unable to take their 4 1/2 month old border collie with them, so we helped them out by making him a part of our crazy household. He is a red and white border collie, which is a color you don't see very often. He is very timid, but extremely smart. I have already taught him sit and down, in just a couple of tries. His name is Copper.

He and Max are best buds. Max, our Brittany spaniel will be a year old in August and is very hyper and energetic. He loves other dogs (I think even more than us) and spends all day running up and down the fence between us and our neighbor's yard. They have a white German Shepherd and a little white dog that runs the fence too. We knew Max would love another dog to expend his energy with and he loves it. They wrestle and play constantly.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back from Vacation

Well we are home after a fun-filled week in Florida. We visited family, went to a wedding, relaxed, got some sun at the beach, and had a great time. Pictures tell it better than words, so take a look at our week.

We spent the week in Okeechobee, Florida with my dad, Lori, and Troy. Kevin flew in Monday after he attending his friend's wedding.

Check out this handsome family!

My cousin, Allison, got married at Delray Beach on Saturday. Her wedding date was 06/07/08. Isn't that a cool date! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the Intercoastal Waterway. You can see the yachts passing by in some of the pictures. It was a gorgeous day and Allison looked beautiful.

Caleb and Cody loved their sea shells and starfish that the guests received at the wedding.

Mamaw and Troy took the boys back to Okeechobee after the wedding, so we could stay with Dad and enjoy the reception.

The reception was at a beachfront restaurant on Delray Beach. We had a wonderful dinner and had a great time visiting with Aunt Pam, Uncle Freddy, Bill, and Paula. What a dream to have your reception on the beach like that! With the sun setting, the sound of the ocean waves rolling in, smell of the salty sea, and the soft breeze blowing was a perfect night.

We drove back home in Dad's convertible with the top down.

The three amigos. Brother and sisterly love!

One evening we went down to Lake Okeechobee for the boys to check out the gators. We saw several cruising around in the lake. The boys loved it.

We met back up with Aunt Pam, Uncle Freddy, Bill, and Paula on Tuesday to go to the beach. We spent all day at the beach playing in the sand and surf. We cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. Ben and I brought our snorkeling gear. My brothers, Troy and Kevin had a blast snorkeling all day with us. Caleb had his too and spent most of the day belly down checking out the fish. I am still amazed at how great he can snorkel. He learned when we went to Hawaii and got the gear.
Cody would grab a mask ever once in awhile and put his face under the water. But I am sure, it would fill up with water before he saw anything. Here he is with a mask on upside-down.

We went to a butterfly garden and animal rescue center on another day. Here is Cody with a big fat spiny caterpillar. They had a great time checking out all of the animals.

Cody loved for Mamaw to play the piano and wanted to join in everytime.

Thanks, Howard family for all of the great fun, silly conversations, delicious food, and fun times!!!

For the grand finale of the week, we stayed in a secluded cabin in the mountains of Northern Georgia on our way home. It turned out to be a nice, peaceful way to end the week. The cabin was tucked away in the mountains right on a mountain stream. You could see and hear the creek from the screened in front porch. We hiked up a path through the woods alongside the creek.

The boys loved playing in the creek. Their water shoes and swimming trunks came in handy for their wading.
We built a campfire at night and the boys caught lightening bugs as we roasted smores.

Uncle Kevin was the expert naturalist and discovered all kinds of critters for the boys (toads, bullfrogs, turtles, millipedes, snails, and spiders).
We were glad we stayed two nights in that cozy cabin, so we had a full day to explore the serene property and relax.
Now we are home, getting back to our normal routine. Off to work again tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Headed for Florida

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. Been very busy the past couple of weeks. See blog below for some pictures of what we have been up to the past couple of weekends.

We are now on our way to Florida for the week. Our cousin, Allison is getting married on the beach this Saturday. Very excited to see the wedding. The boys are excited about going to the beach and staying with Papaw and Mamaw Howard and Uncle Troy. Uncle Kevin will be coming down on Monday. He will be in his best friend's wedding, which is also this weekend. After the wedding, he will be flying in and riding home with us.

We arrived in Valdosta, Georgia this evening after traveling all day. The boys did really well in the van. We stopped every couple of hours for a potty break and to stretch our legs. They watched movies, played Nintendo DS, colored, drew pictures, took naps, and Caleb worked on a puzzle book to pass time. They are now swimming in the heated outdoor pool. Like a couple of fish! We should only have 5 or 6 hours of driving tomorrow to reach Dad's house.

Stay tuned for some great pics, I am sure!

Weekend activities

Memorial weekend the kids and I met Mom and Bill at LBL for the day. They had brought their camper to a nice campsite for a relaxing weekend. Julie, Bill, Shaun, and Zack also met us there. It was a beautiful weekend. Mom's campsite was next to a beach on the lake.

The adults thought the lake was freezing, but the boys dove right in and splashed and played for longer than we thought they would last. Cody finally came out of the water shivering, with blue lips and said he was done. I had to force Caleb to give it a break. I took Cody up to the shower and sprayed him down in the warm water to warm him up. Then they played in the sand for awhile.

That afternoon, Papaw Ford took his pontoon out and we had a wonderful ride on the lake. The boys enjoyed bouncing along and getting sprayed by the boat cutting through the water. We stayed and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire before heading back home that night.

This past weekend, I left for a prenatal conference in Carrollton, KY. It was at General Butler State Park, which is 4 hours away. I tried to get some other girls from work to come with me, but it was last minute and everyone was either working or had other plans. My friend, Kelly said she wanted to come along to keep me company. So we decided to bring the older boys and Mason. Leaving Cody and Kiersa to go to daycare, then stay home with the daddys.

It was great! The conference started Sunday and went through Tuesday. Kelly spent Monday with the boys while they swam all day long. They also took a hike and went minature golfing. I joined them after my conference ended and spent the evening watching them splash and play in the pool. We thought the pool was too cold, but they didn't seem to mind. The conference was great. It was about premature babies and ways to prevent prematurity. One of our OB docs, Dr. Hodges presented on Tuesday and did a wonderful job. It ended up being a really nice conference with the bonus of having some time with just Caleb and my buddy Kelly. I was so happy that she came with her kids. I would have been lonely at the conference by myself and the drive would have been miserable. It was nice to have some girl-time when I wasn't at the seminar. Caleb and Quinn enjoyed playing together without the interruption of the little guys. I think Cody and Kiersa had fun with the daddys. The men got together both nights to let them play.