Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Kevin came up to enjoy a festive 4th of July with his nephews. Here is a great pic of Uncle KK and Cody making weiners for the party. Notice the matching aprons! Cody loves to help cook. I've nicknamed him Cody Ole' when we are in the kitchen cooking.

We headed to the Petitt's for a fun-filled afternoon and evening. When we go to Paul and Christy's we always expect to fill our tummies with the bounty of Paul's fishing escapades. He didn't disappoint us. We had a wonderful fish fry and Christy had a great spread to go with it! We were happily miserable afterwards.

Here are the men working on some serious frying!

The boys got tired of waiting for it to get dark, so we got out some pop-its to entertain them. Those are the little paper wrapped snappers that you toss on the ground and they make a pop sound. They thought it was great.

Next we got out the smoke bombs. They were cool because the smoke was different colors.

The Petitt's have a go-cart now that the kids enjoyed riding around the yard and back to the field. Kevin and I even took a spin on it and found some wild blackberries on a fence row to snack on.

Check out the newest additions to the Petitt household...Faye and Fran. Aren't they sweet!

The boys swam off and on throughout the afternoon. But then after changing back into their dry clothes, we found Cody and Andrew taking dips head-first into the pool.

We got the sparklers out next. We were nervous about letting the kids use the short sparklers, but Christy's friend Mary had found some really long sparklers that were perfect!

Finally it was dark enough to start the campfire and begin some fireworks! Yay!

We had some small sprays and sparkling ones that we set off first. Then the guys had a platform set up far away for the big ones.

The guys put on a spectacular show! Even if we did lose the little guys by the end. They slowly disappeared in the house with their hands over their ears. We didn't even have any of those annoying screeching ones. It was the beautiful booming ones in the sky that got them nervous. But we enjoyed it! Bravo!

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Mom said...

Love the pics of the boys! Sounds like you guys had a great 4th of July.