Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Howard's here and gone

The Howard family (Dad, Lori, and Troy) came up for their annual loop through the Midwest. We had a great visit. They arrived on Friday and stayed till Wednesday morning before heading on to Missouri. On Saturday, they got to watch Caleb's last t-ball game of the season. We have really enjoyed playing t-ball through Upward. Caleb played 2 years with a different league, but has had better instruction and more fun this season with Upward than the other years. Notice Daddy as the catcher. Daddy did a great job assisting and Caleb really enjoyed Daddy helping out too.

Caleb did great this year at t-ball. Wish the season lasted longer! Cody will love playing next year. He can really hit that ball!

I worked half days on Monday and Tuesday, but we still got to have fun together. The boys had a blast with Troy as usual. They also picked and pestered him till he just about went crazy. I told him they were getting him back for all the pestering he used to do to me and Kevin. On Sunday we visited the William Clark Market House Museum. They were having a 40th anniversary celebration with free admittance to the museum. The museum is located in the beautiful Market House in downtown Paducah. The woodwork was exquisite. The museum itself was very small, but had some neat artifacts and treasures on the history of Paducah. Cody is hanging onto the back of the very first motorized fire truck 'LaFrance' used in Paducah in 1920. It took the place of a 17 horse-drawn fire wagon. William Clark of the famous Louis and Clark explorers was the founder of Paducah.

Tuesday we decided to go to Maggie's Jungle Golf in Draffenville. We went there a year or two ago and had a lot of fun. They have a great miniature golf course that is shaded with little streams and ponds through it. There is also a petting zoo/animal farm there that you ride around on a golf cart and feed the animals.

Troy thought that driving the golf cart was cool (he is now 16), but he was a little nervous about the rickety covered bridges that you had to drive through.

The boys enjoyed feeding the goats, llamas, sheep, a camel, donkeys, and ponies. There were also several emu that would charge over to the fence to get some corn and scare you to death. I was nervous that they would peck the boys, so I made them steer clear from them.

There was a duck pond there too with tons of turtles everywhere. The boys had fish food to feed the fish, turtles, and ducks. Here Caleb is pointing out more turtles. Look Mama, there's a baby one!

After cruising around the animal farm, we played miniature golf. Notice Caleb's tongue sticking out from concentration on his hit. Cody did the sweeper broom shuffle on his golf ball. Only taking 99 hits to get it in a hole. He lasted 9 holes and said he was done. So Mama took over his place. Papaw ended up beating us all by 2 strokes!

We ended the fun with Hawaiian shaved ice! Yummy! A bargain at $1 for a big cup. Don't ask who the little girls are next to Caleb, we have no idea. We just sat down next to them. (There were only 2 tables)

Fun times with the Howard fam! Love you guys!

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Jim Peterson said...

Sounds like y'all had a good time. I'm gonna have to go back to Maggie's -- sounds like they've really expanded since I was last there!!