Monday, July 14, 2008

It is July

It is definitely July! This weekend was so hot before the rain. We have been lucky so far this summer, because it has been fairly mild. The last couple of years it has been very hot early in May and June. We have had decent weather this summer, but July is definitely showing her face.

Mom came down for the weekend and we had a wonderful visit. It was so hot, that we didn't do much. We all got stir-crazy from being cooped up in the house. So we were glad when Christy called and suggested we go to the indoor miniature glow golf place in town. The boys had a lot of fun, when they weren't arguing about whose turn it was to go first. "But Cody went first the last time, now Andrew is supposed to go first!" Somehow Caleb became the director of what order everyone needed to putt. He had them all rotate turns, so that everyone could be first. But also everyone rotated being 2nd, 3rd, and last. "Caleb, whose turn is it to go first? Am I 2nd or 3rd? But I was last on the green hole." It was worth it to get the boys out of the house! I don't know who was ready to strangle them more, myself, Daddy, or Grandmama.

So why didn't we send the boys outside to our kid's pool, since it was so hot? Our swimming pool had a nice brilliant shade of green algae that appeared out of nowhere from the heat this week. The boys swam last weekend and on Monday, but the pool was not used all week. When the boys wanted to swim on Friday, I went out and was afraid the swamp monster was hiding beneath the murky surface. Mom and I skimmed the water and doused it with double doses of chemicals. By Saturday afternoon, it wasn't any better, so I doused it again and bought some algaecide and baptised the swamp monster. Sunday, it was looking better...very cloudy with a thin coating of chemicals on the surface. Good thing the kids will be out of town for the coming week, so the chemicals can leach out a bit before they dive in and immediately vaporize.

To beat the heat, instead the boys played water balloons and squirt guns.

Notice the big, white balloon in the was mine!
Ouch, a hit in the back!
Today we went to swim in a pool of a co-worker of mine with the Petitt's.
The boys swam for 3 hours. It was a perfect day, not terribly hot and the water was great.
After our swim, I drove the boys to Cadiz to meet Ben's parents. The boys are headed down to Bowling Green for a week with Memaw and Pepaw. They will have lots of time with their cousins too. They are so excited. We are excited too. Maybe we can actually go out to eat or watch a non-kiddie movie!!! Friday, we will go down to rescue the grandparents. Who, I am sure will be ready for a vacation.

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Mom said...

Now that is a clear pool! Glad you had a break this week with the kids. I'm sure they had a ball in BG.