Monday, July 7, 2008

Ridin' and Slidin'

We pretty much just relaxed all weekend and didn't exert too much energy. With it getting so hot (95 degrees) this weekend, outside activities were pretty much out. But to beat the heat, the boys wanted to be in the water. We got the slip-n-slide out and they had lots of fun.

Daddy tinkered with the little 4-wheeler and Cody got to ride it around the backyard for the first time.

I have my gear on Mama!

Cody getting ready to take off! I wish I had taken a picture of Ben jogging around the yard behind him with the dog's retractable leash attached to the auto shut-off switch. There is a cord that you can pull to quickly shut down the engine, if needed. Thankfully we never needed to use it.

Cody did a really good job and drove very cautiously. He will have to get a few more runs in around the backyard before proceeding to a field. We want to get him used to the feel of turning and being on it first.

Kevin rented Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii. He and Caleb had a blast cracking their whip and figuring out the puzzles on their adventure. The boys are all into Indiana Jones lately. Since the return of Indy with the latest movie, he is on a lot of commercials and food products. So the boys began watching the old movies and think they are really cool. Then they dress up with hats and find anything (sock, rope, scarf, etc.) to be their whip and they pretend they are Indiana Jones on a great adventure.

With all the gaming, ridin', and slidin' we worked up an appetite. Kev found a recipe in a new Pampered Chef cookbook that I won in a drawing a couple weeks ago. We love trying out new recipes together. It was for a Chicken Club that was like a stuffed bread. Let me give you a little taste...chicken, bacon, roma tomatoes, fresh herbs, cheese, and crescent rolls. Here he is making it.

Chef K-von getting a little bit silly with the toppings!

It turned out scrumptious! If you are lucky, you can look for it at a get together soon because it is definitely a keeper!


Kev said...

Wow, I look awful in those pics! haha Had a great weekend though! Wish I lived closer. Tell the boys I had a great time with them and miss them already.

Jim Peterson said...

I'll be looking for that sandwich thing when next we meet....Looks like Kevin found a good one! Glad to see the boys having fun.