Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week with the Pete's

Well my boys are home from a week with Memaw and Pepaw Peterson. I really missed them. They had a wonderful time. They went to the park and Lost River Cave while they were there. They also had a big time with their cousins. Cody got sick the day after they arrived and was sick most of the week. Not just not feeling good, but throwing up with a fever. Not fun for Memaw or poor Cody, I imagine. But he got over it and was feeling back to par by the time we got there on Friday. Saturday Ben's parents had a great cookout. Jim, Lori, and the kids were there as well as Kevin. After eating, the kiddos went outside to cool off on the slip and slide.

Jim brought Dave's pellet gun back and they used it to target practice Saturday afternoon. The men took turns sighting it in and trying to hit the bullseye. Then Ben asked Caleb if he wanted to shoot. He has never shot a gun before.

Here is Ben telling him the rules of gun safety.

Little bit too long for him.

He finally got to fire twice. Hit the target paper both times! The first shot was right outside the bullseye (the 2nd best shot of the day!).
We went and visited Great Papaw Howard that afternoon. I don't think he has seen the boys since last summer. Uncle KK told us about a new spray park in Bowling Green, so we went to check it out. FUN, FUN!!!
How perfect on a hot summer day! They didn't even have swim trunks, but they didn't care! Kevin and I just wished they had some shade or tables with umbrellas for the adults not in the water!
I guess this is a summer for homeless varments to take refuge at the Peterson household. First Copper, now a baby kitten. I was driving home from work on Friday and I saw a tiny critter in the middle of a busy road in Paducah. I thought it was a baby squirrel. The little old lady in front of me swerved to miss it. When I came up to it, he was running down the middle line and I realized it was a tiny kitten. I felt my heartstrings really tugging and had to pull over to rescue it. It was dirty, pitiful, and tiny. So I tossed him in my van and headed home. He was scared to death and proceded to climb up inside the console of my van via a small hole in the passenger foot area. When I got home, I pried off part of the lower console to find the darn thing. I could feel it, but could not get a good grip. I was beginning to have visions of my good samaritan rescue effort, turning into baked jerky in the July heat. Can you imagine what that would smell like in a day or two? Especially when you cannot get it out or get rid of it!!! After poking and proding for half an hour in the sweltering heat, I called a life line. "Kelly, are you home? I need help!" K-"Sure, what's going on?" M-"Can't talk now, I'm on my way!" I pulled up in her drive and said "Can I please pull in your garage?" I had to get out of the heat! Sweat was pouring off me and I'm sure I looked a wreck. She probably thought I had lost it or that maybe I was on the run and needed a place to hide! Anyway, she got a big laugh when I told her what I needed help with. It worked much better with two hands in the tight spot between the driver's side and passenger side console. I got on one side and she on the other, poking screwdrivers and fingers in trying to chase the pitiful critter out. He was so scared by then, he just wedged himself in a crevice and wouldn't budge. He would cry out or hiss when we got close. Finally Kelly got ahold of his tail and said I'm not letting go. She tugged until she got a hind leg, then another. She was afraid his upper legs were hung on something and would get injured or ripped off, so she quit tugging but kept a firm grip. I was finally able to see with a flashlight that he had put his front legs down. So she pulled him out! What an ordeal!!! He was so scared, but you could tell he was relieved to be out. After he was out, Kelly volunteered to keep him for the weekend (we were supposed to be leaving as soon as Ben got home to go pick up the boys in BG!) At the time, I didn't know what I would do with him. So I thanked her and told her I would come by on Sunday and get him. I didn't know if we would be keeping him or finding a new home, but I would come get him because I know the boys will be excited to see a kitten.
Here is the little trouble-maker!
The boys have held him and carried him around all evening tonight! Still not sure whether he will stay or not. The boys are already trying to think of names.

Anyone out there want a cute little black and white kitten?


mom said...

What an exciting weekend! Sounds like you guys stayed busy. Glad Cody is feeling better. The kitten is adorable. What does Jasmine think of him?

Kev said...

Cute kitten! Glad his arms didn't get ripped off. That would have been nasty.

Had a great time seein you guys too. Love y'all.

Jim said...

It was great seeing you guys again! For clarification, it was Dad's pellet rifle - I had it to sight in the scope. We were just tuning it in better. I hope you didn't forget the produce I brought up! Can't wait to visit again!!