Saturday, July 26, 2008

What do you think of when I say Memphis?

Elvis Presley? Birthplace of Rock-n-Roll? Home of the Blues? A fuzzy black and white kitten? Probably not the latter, but that's the new name of our fuzzy baby kitty. It took a week for the boys to name him. Caleb wanted to call him Tux, because he looks like he is wearing a fuzzy wuzzy tuxedo. He was Skippyjon Jones (Cody) or Skippy (Caleb) for several days until they remembered that the Atnip's dog is named Skippy and that would get confusing. (Skippyjon Jones is a siamese kitten in one of Cody's favorite books). Then it was Mumbles, from the penguin on "Happy Feet"-a favorite movie of Cody's. Then it was Felix. Finally they decided on Memphis. He is the Daddy penguin on "Happy Feet". I told them they had to decide by Friday, because he was going to the vet on Friday and I wasn't going to the vet with kitten No Name. So by Thursday night they made it final.

The vet said he is about 6 weeks old and is definitely a little boy kitty. He has finally come out of his shell and is dashing, pouncing, and leaping around like little kittens do. The boys think he is great fun to play with and found a piece of yarn that entertains them as much as it does the kitten.

Caleb laughs at his pouncing and yarn attacking till he is in tears. I guess they have never seen a cat play like that. Jasmine is way too old (16 years) and prissy to play with them. Jasmine ignores him and hisses if he gets to close to her territory. She has never liked other cats.

Baby kitty loves the boys and dashes out from behind the TV (where he loves to snooze) as soon as he hears them come in the house. Too cute!

The boys started swimming lessons this week. This is a first for Cody. Caleb had Mom and Tot when he was a toddler, but it was mainly just getting them used to the water, putting your face under, and blowing bubbles. Last year Caleb had indoor swim lessons at an athletic club. He did OK, but I didn't notice great improvement.
This summer, the lessons are at our public pool. It was pretty inexpensive and I figured they would at least have fun in the pool for 2 weeks before school started.

We have been very impressed! Caleb is swimming great. Both of them are good underwater swimmers, but can't swim above water. After one week they already have Caleb learning the breast stroke, swimming on his back, and treading water for 30 seconds. He could already dive from the side of a pool, but they have worked on him doing that better and he has learned to swim back to the side. He is doing awesome.

Check out little man. Cody is a fish in the water! I didn't know how well he could swim or how long he could hold his breath! We have swam either in our 2 foot kiddy pool or used a life jacket on him when in a bigger pool all summer. The first day of lessons, he got in the water and took off swimming underwater about 4 or 5 feet. All of the other moms and kids in the 3 year old group were amazed, as well as myself. They were asking why he was in swimming lessons and how did he learn to swim so well. They looked at me like I was an idiot when I said I didn't know he could do that. When he is out in the backyard in our little pool, I knew he could go underwater, because he dives for the diving rings just like Caleb. He thinks he can do everything Caleb does, so when Caleb dives under, he does too. When Caleb swims to the other side of the pool, he does too. But he can put his feet down as he is doing it, so I didn't know he could swim like a little tadpole! In the swim class, he holds his breath underwater so long, that I almost reach under to pull him back up. But he pops up and isn't sputtering or anything. The 3 year old class is introduction to the water, so all the other 3 year olds are learning how to put their heads underwater and blow bubbles. Which most of them balk about doing. They don't begin structured swim lessons until 5 years old. Maybe they will make an exception for him next summer. At the end of class, the instructor asked us to try to have the kids jump from the side of the pool into the water. Cody of course jumped totally under, then swam up to me- telling me to scoot further away. Then he started diving in head first and would swim down to the four to five foot bottom to try to touch it before swimming back up to me! The end of the week, we finally have begun working on swimming back to the ledge above water. He is also working on floating on his back. I think we have found his calling!


Anonymous said...

Glad the boys are enjoying the little kitten. It's a great learning experience for both of them.
The boys are doing awesome in the water. I'm so proud of them. What an opportunity. And such great exercise.
Love you guys.

Mom said...

oops. I was anonymous.

Auntie M said...

I'm visiting your Mom and we're having a good little visit. Went to see Mama Mia yesterday and absolutely loved it! Go with a friend if Ben doesn't want to go.
Of course I recognized Skippyjon Jones. I have 3 of the books and the Texas author came to our school year before last and talked to the kids. She was most entertaining. If I recall, it is she and her sister that do the books. She drew a Skippyjon pic on a large poster paper for the kids and our school. It is framed and hangs in the library now!
Again, congrats on your Masters. Such an accomplishment. We really enjoyed visiting Jason and attending his graduation ceremony at Stanford.
Love and hugs!

Dad said...

Already miss the kids. Hope you enjoy the playfulness of the little kitten, know the kids will. By the way, How bout changing the background color to your blog, its hard to read your messages or the font color. Love ya

Kev said...

Too funny, I love those little boys! Wish I could spend more time with them. I am surprised you convinced Ben to keep the kitty. Can't wait to seem him.

Love you guys!

The Hadfields said...

Seems like the boys have had a great summer. What a fun mom you are, I am so afraid of getting 1 dog and you have all kinds of animals running around your house!! :)