Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frijoles and Beans

If you are around us often, I am sure you have heard some of the nicknames/terms of endearment or whatever you might call the crazy names we call ourselves or our pets. Ben and I lovingly call each other "Bees". We have said it for so long, that we don't even remember how we came up with it. That's the way it is with many nicknames. Many of you are now saying, "Oh, now I get the name of the Blog site". Sometimes the boys will hear me say, "Time for dinner, Bees" and they will say, "No Mama, Daddy isn't Bees. You are Bees."

Our good old dog, Jada, God bless her soul up in doggy heaven, was nicknamed "Jada Mooise" or just "Mooise". It looks silly to spell because I've never written it down, it was just something we said. It was pronounced like Louise, but with a Moo at the beginning. One of those, that I can't recall why we said it. Perhaps it started out as Louise.
Jasmine, our persnickity 15 year old calico, has been nicknamed "Bean" and "Buzzy Bean" for years. I think it started out as JasMean, then Mean Bean because of her Bipolar mean vs lovey kitty personality.

Our newest kitten, Memphis, got a nickname from the start. It goes along with Jasmine's nickname of "Bean". Cody called him "Frijoles", which means 'beans' in Spanish (pronounced free-ho-les). He got it from reading his favorite book about a kitten named Skippyjon Jones (remember he wanted to name the kitten after him). It talks about frijoles several times in both of his books and he thinks it is such a funny word. We thought it was funny too because it meant beans in Spanish, so it has stuck.

He is just like a little Mexican Jumping Bean. Bouncing and pouncing on everything that wiggles and moves. This includes Jasmine, much to her dismay. Anyone who knows Jasmine, knows that she does not tolerate or like any other animal, not even another cat. Kevin's poor kitty came to live with us for awhile several years ago. Jasmine was not happy. She hissed, spat, growled, and chased poor Sydney under the furniture where Sydney hid out for the next few months that she lived with us. Sydney had to go to kitty therapy for several years after that and still has recurrences of paranoia. But Frijoles has been great for poor elderly Jasmine, who is becoming sweet and lovable to the boys and Ben in moments of dementia in the past couple of years. She has always been a one person (me) cat. Lately though, she will hop up surprisingly in someone else's lap, then she will realize that she is being sweet and will turn and bite you then run off. Little kitty doesn't mind her hissing, spitting, and rages. He continues to pounce and jump on her. Delighting when she turns and swats at him. Hiding behind the furniture and leaping out at her, attacking her tail or back legs while he is in a grizzly bear stance. It is so hilarious!

The boys have resorted to sleeping on the top bunk together because whoever is on the bottom gets attacked by a rambunctious 11 week old kitten in the middle of the night. What? Close the door? No way! We want the door open! During the day, Cody loves to pack him around and play with him. I find them cuddled up on the couch together all the time.

Speaking of Cody, he will also answer to "Mookie-Monkey" or just plain "Mookie". My nickname when I was their age was "Monk" by my aunts and uncles in Louisville. They professed that I too was a climber and little monkey. Everyone knows that Cody is a little monkey. He loves to climb, jump, and hang from anything he can reach-and somehow finds his way onto many he can not reach. He hangs from bars and fences for minutes at a time, with unbelievable strength in his tiny little arms. Most of the time, with his little feet up on the bar too. In our backyard, he climbs up and over the deck railing that is over my head before I can stop him. At the riverfront, a few weekends ago, we looked over to find him shimming up a flag pole! He loved watching the gymnastics during the Olympics. Proclaiming, "I can do that!" while watching gymnists on the bars. I really need to put him in gymnastics again. But the times are always conflicting with work or other activities. I need to check again soon.
So, there you are...another little peek at our crazy little world. Do you have any silly names for your pets or loved ones?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Toothfairy Came!

Well the Toothfairy visited the Peterson household for the first time last night! We were so glad that she found her way and discovered Caleb's first tooth. He had tucked his tooth in his little toothfairy pillow nestled under his pillow. He and Cody were both so excited that they couldn't go to sleep. I kept hearing Caleb say,"Cody, you have to be quiet and go to sleep or the Toothfairy will never come! Cody, you are keeping me awake!" He has had a loose tooth since the middle of July when he went to stay with Memaw and Pepaw Peterson. That was when he found the toothfairy pillow at Cracker Barrel.

It was too cute and I couldn't resist buying it for $5, especially since he had a loose tooth at the time. Not to mention the big puppy dog eyes staring up at me, "I don't have one of these yet and I need it because I am about to lose my tooth in a couple of days."

Well over a month later, we now had two loose teeth. He would wiggle them a little bit, but he said it hurt too much to twist or pull on them. I was the same way when I was little. This week, I had to cut the corn off his cob and he avoided other food because it hurt to eat. Last night, a few minutes after they went to bed, Caleb came downstairs crying. His tooth was bleeding and he said it hurt. Well I imagine! He opened his mouth and the tooth was sticking straight out at me. But he could still poke it back in place and it wasn't letting loose. So I went and got some good ole Laffy Taffy. He took 3 bites and out came the tooth. He was so excited!

Notice the tears still on his face.

And that is how the Toothfairy came to visit Caleb for the first time.
Caleb just came in from soccer practice (I worked late) and guess what...he lost his second tooth at soccer!
Now he ith talking a lithle bit funny.
But isn't he cute!
Guess who is coming back tonight!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend in Henderson

Went to Henderson this weekend to see the fam. Kevin came down to see some friends and us too, of course. The boys love their Uncle Kevin!

We went to the Evansville zoo on Saturday. They have a new Amazonia exhibit that just opened and was really cool. The boys had a great time. They loved the monkeys and wild cats the best.


Bat boys

Saturday evening and Sunday morning the boys played hide and seek in Mom's beautiful backyard. She has such lovely little flower gardens everywhere that the boys had fun hiding in and around.

We brought Mom's mini trampoline outside for the boys to expend some energy.

Don't worry he's not really peeing in Mom's fountain. He is helping her clean it out and fill it back up.

Look Cody can fit in a 5 gallon bucket!

This one is my favorite!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Silly boys

We had a fun weekend. The boys were out of school on Friday for Emancipation Day. Not a holiday that we ever had as kids, but in Paducah it is a big deal. Quinn and Kiersa were over for the day. They had a blast swimming and jumping on the Jump-A-Round that Kelly gave us (she doesn't have room to store it in her new house). Check out the the goofy hams that came out when they saw the camera!
We had Popeye...

some Martial Arts...

and the Swamp Things....

Caleb and Cody discovered that riding the Hot Wheels through the sprinkler was refreshing.

Jumping and flipping on the Jump-A-Round.

Up close and personal with Pig-nose.

Meanwhile, Ben and I got several small projects done around the house. A good friend of ours from college, Mike Widmann, was up at the lake with his family this weekend. Ben met up with him at Nick's Sports Bar for some game bashing and beer. Then me and the boys came for dinner downtown and a walk at Downtown After Dinner. It was a beautiful evening for it. We had a great time catching up. Haven't seen Mike in a couple of years. Caleb pointed out the gorgeous sunset (wish I'd had my camera!). Beautiful shades of red, pink, and orange. He is really noticing things like that. The night before, he was mesmerized by the moon. It was a perfectly half moon that was very bright in the sky. He talked about it and the stars all the way home.

Sunday they closed down most of Broadway for Bicycling. We met up with the Atnips and the kids rode their bikes from 16th street all the way down to 4th street, then back to 16th. The adults walked. There were several bicyclists out and lots of kids too. What a fun event! Caleb did a great job and rode the whole way with no complaints. He has only been riding on 2 wheels since this spring, so this was the longest bike ride he has been on. He said he loved it. Cody and Kiersa got tired on the way back and walked back part of the way instead of riding. Thank goodness Mark was with us to pack the little training wheel bikes like bar bells in each hand. He said it was a good work out. When we got back to 16th, we checked out the progress of the Atnip's new house. It's still coming along, slowly but surely. Once the electrical work is finished, then the contractor can finish up. They were right about adding a month or two to the completion date. Whew, I'd be so antsy to get it finished and move in.

Caleb started back to Hwang's Martial Arts today. He took the summer off, since we had other sports and camps that would overlap. This year we changed from the every day After School Program to twice a week. It was going to be difficult to pick him up from there every day and we will be saving money too. Caleb was so excited to start back. He jumped back into class like he had never left. Instructor Christy was very impressed. She made several comments about his good technique and powerful punches. At one point she brought him up to the front of the class and made him demonstrate his form with some strikes. She told the other students, "I have been trying to get you guys to do this for weeks and Caleb has been gone all summer and he hasn't forgotten." He was so proud. I was extremely proud of him too. I thought he might have forgotten some of the techniques or be a little rusty, but he did excellent. I am going to enjoy watching him with this twice a week class. In the after school program, by the time I picked him up, class was usually over. If I wanted to watch him, I had to come early. I could not do that very often. I will definitely have some photos to come!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First day of 1st grade

Well it's back to school already! Time for backpacks, notebooks, No.3 pencils, and crayons to come out. The hallway was a flurry of excitement this morning as all of the children arrived and saw friends they hadn't seen all summer. The summer didn't seem long enough. We have been so busy this summer that it went by really quick. I still can't believe they start back the 1st week of August. I know when I was in grade school, we never started back until around the 3rd week. But it is here and Caleb is beginning 1st grade! Caleb was excited to get back and see all of his friends. He loves his new teacher and classroom. Him and Quinn were bubbling over with excitement when they got home. They aren't in the same class again, but don't seem to mind. We don't mind either, they are very competitive. Kelly and I both agree that they would probably end up getting each other in trouble talking too much or arguing over who did something first or better. They see each other plenty during school just being in the same grade and definitely see enough of each other after school.
Cody was just as excited for Caleb this morning. He got up at 6:00am-"It's Caleb's first day of school!" He is looking forward to starting back to preschool. But he doesn't start back for a couple of weeks. Can you believe that I have a 1st grader!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming lessons over

Well Thursday was the last day of swim lessons for Caleb and Cody this summer. They have had so much fun! Caleb had a swimming test on Wednesday evening and passed. He is now at Level 4 swimming level. He also got to finally dive off the diving board, which he thought was so cool! Thursday was fun day. They got to go down the spiral water slide, play under the mushroom fountain, and the older kids got to dive off the diving board.

Cody figured out quickly that when he laid down flat on the slide he went faster! Then he would shoot out so fast the lifeguard almost couldn't catch him. Cody loved it! Then he would swim like a little tadpole under water to the side.

I wish I had gotten a movie of him swimming!

Kind of hard to dive when someone is standing on your neck.


This past week, Caleb and Adam Petitt went to Sports Camp. They played a different sport every day, then swam in the afternoon. It was from 10a-3p. They were worn out by the time they got home and they got lots of sun. Caleb has a pretty good tan and his hair has really lightened up from all of the swimming the past few weeks. The sports at the Sports Camp were really neat because it wasn't the typical sport. They played tennis one day- Caleb came home and said, "I was horrible at tennis!" They played disc golf (it's the sport where you throw the frisbee in the baskets)-he really liked that. Track and field and volley ball were not favorites. Another day was golf, not the mini type-he really liked that too. I think him and Adam had a good time together.

Andrew came to play on Friday, while the big boys were at camp. Him and Cody had a great time together without interruption from the other boys. It was a lot of fun.

Then we went to the Petitt's Friday evening, guess we hadn't had enough of them yet. Ben and Paul went fishing. The little boys swam in the pool.

The big boys were burnt out on swimming all week and were tired. So they stayed inside and played video games. Here they are being goofy! Later that night, they all passed out watching a movie and Ben brought them home the next morning after a productive night of fishing.