Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming lessons over

Well Thursday was the last day of swim lessons for Caleb and Cody this summer. They have had so much fun! Caleb had a swimming test on Wednesday evening and passed. He is now at Level 4 swimming level. He also got to finally dive off the diving board, which he thought was so cool! Thursday was fun day. They got to go down the spiral water slide, play under the mushroom fountain, and the older kids got to dive off the diving board.

Cody figured out quickly that when he laid down flat on the slide he went faster! Then he would shoot out so fast the lifeguard almost couldn't catch him. Cody loved it! Then he would swim like a little tadpole under water to the side.

I wish I had gotten a movie of him swimming!

Kind of hard to dive when someone is standing on your neck.


This past week, Caleb and Adam Petitt went to Sports Camp. They played a different sport every day, then swam in the afternoon. It was from 10a-3p. They were worn out by the time they got home and they got lots of sun. Caleb has a pretty good tan and his hair has really lightened up from all of the swimming the past few weeks. The sports at the Sports Camp were really neat because it wasn't the typical sport. They played tennis one day- Caleb came home and said, "I was horrible at tennis!" They played disc golf (it's the sport where you throw the frisbee in the baskets)-he really liked that. Track and field and volley ball were not favorites. Another day was golf, not the mini type-he really liked that too. I think him and Adam had a good time together.

Andrew came to play on Friday, while the big boys were at camp. Him and Cody had a great time together without interruption from the other boys. It was a lot of fun.

Then we went to the Petitt's Friday evening, guess we hadn't had enough of them yet. Ben and Paul went fishing. The little boys swam in the pool.

The big boys were burnt out on swimming all week and were tired. So they stayed inside and played video games. Here they are being goofy! Later that night, they all passed out watching a movie and Ben brought them home the next morning after a productive night of fishing.


Kev said...

What a silly picture of Caleb! They are so funny! Miss you all!

Mom said...

The kids have been busy this summer. Little tadpoles! I miss them too!

DaD said...

Already seems so long ago since we were there with you all. Really miss them little fella's. Sounds like they have had a full summer