Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Toothfairy Came!

Well the Toothfairy visited the Peterson household for the first time last night! We were so glad that she found her way and discovered Caleb's first tooth. He had tucked his tooth in his little toothfairy pillow nestled under his pillow. He and Cody were both so excited that they couldn't go to sleep. I kept hearing Caleb say,"Cody, you have to be quiet and go to sleep or the Toothfairy will never come! Cody, you are keeping me awake!" He has had a loose tooth since the middle of July when he went to stay with Memaw and Pepaw Peterson. That was when he found the toothfairy pillow at Cracker Barrel.

It was too cute and I couldn't resist buying it for $5, especially since he had a loose tooth at the time. Not to mention the big puppy dog eyes staring up at me, "I don't have one of these yet and I need it because I am about to lose my tooth in a couple of days."

Well over a month later, we now had two loose teeth. He would wiggle them a little bit, but he said it hurt too much to twist or pull on them. I was the same way when I was little. This week, I had to cut the corn off his cob and he avoided other food because it hurt to eat. Last night, a few minutes after they went to bed, Caleb came downstairs crying. His tooth was bleeding and he said it hurt. Well I imagine! He opened his mouth and the tooth was sticking straight out at me. But he could still poke it back in place and it wasn't letting loose. So I went and got some good ole Laffy Taffy. He took 3 bites and out came the tooth. He was so excited!

Notice the tears still on his face.

And that is how the Toothfairy came to visit Caleb for the first time.
Caleb just came in from soccer practice (I worked late) and guess what...he lost his second tooth at soccer!
Now he ith talking a lithle bit funny.
But isn't he cute!
Guess who is coming back tonight!


Kev said...

Wow two times so close together! I was meaning to call to see if one'd come loose yet. He's so cute. Can't believe he's already losing his baby teeth. He's no longer a baby! haha

Can't wait to come in on labor day!

The Hadfields said...

I have a little tooth fairy pillow that someone gave me at Sophie's baby shower. They are too cute! What a milestone, he's really growing up!!

Jim said...

Tell Snagglepuss that we'll be up to see him at Cody's party! Good for him, and Kevin's right -- he's growing up!

Dad said...

Seems funny that you are going thru all the parenting stuff now. Caleb is really growing up. Next thing he'll come down stairs saying look Mom I have a hair on my chest. Ha