Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feeling miserable!

What a miserable several days this has been! Once Caleb was well on Sunday, Cody and I both came down with the blasted bug! Cody and I had a terrible night Sunday. Not much sleep, tummies aching, body aching, fever, the big "D", and Cody vomiting. It was misery! I slept on the couch most of the day Monday. Caleb went back to school because he was feeling a lot better. Cody vegged out with me or if I got tossing and turning too much from the aches of my fever, he would move to a chair. Thank goodness for him, his was short lived and by Monday afternoon he was feeling spry. He started playing learning games on the computer and putting in his own Spiderman DVD's to pass the time, since Mama was a bit worthless.

Now it is Tuesday, both boys are back to school. But Mama was not ready to go back yet. My fever, aches, and the big "D" are taking a little longer to get over. This is highly unusual for me to get this sick. It has been years. I never get stomach ailments-I always thought I had a tummy of steel, so this has got to be one nasty bug. Anyway, hopefully next posting will be on a happier note!


Kev said...

Hopefully Ben isn't next!

Jim said...

Even tummies of steel rust with time. It's a signal you are getting old!!

Seriously, glad to hear the kids are better, and sorry to hear it is progressing to the old folks!